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Made 2 Move & Prime Performance Rehab Merge!

This blog is going to be different than any other blog that we have posted since Made 2 Move or Prime has existed. The purpose of this blog is to introduce the merger of these two companies and give y'all a unique, behind-the-scenes look into what went into this merger decision and Hannah + Elliot's perspective on the merger. It was emotional to write and I hope you get a sense for how much we both truly care about the Charleston community. Thank you for indulging us.

-- Elliot

Hannah’s Perspective on the Merger:

Most people know that I’ve been obsessed with Made 2 Move as soon as I heard about it during PT school. I’d been a groupie for years when I officially joined the team in 2020. Since then, I have absolutely loved every second of working for M2M. I feel an extreme sense of loyalty and pride to this team and I’ll be forever grateful to have been given this opportunity. But, enough about me.

I remember when Elliot decided to go all in and create Prime Performance Rehab. It was during quarantine of 2020, so we had some time on our hands. After his time spent with Move Strong Physical Therapy and of course, after hanging out with me too much (yes I’m taking some credit here) - Elliot knew he didn’t want to work in a typical clinic. Just like me, he wasn’t going to settle for anything else as a physical therapist and health professional.

Elliot decided to “burn the ships” and build his own cash based PT practice in Charleston. Fast forward about a year later, we’re sitting at my birthday dinner at Jack of Cups (our favorite restaurant) and Elliot says, “What if Prime and Made 2 Move merged?” We laughed it off… then a few seconds later, we realized it actually wasn’t that crazy.

A few weeks later, I brought the question to the Made 2 Move team. Apparently they were already considering it. We said we’d start thinking about it and that it would be a future thing,