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You deserve your dream job.

At Made 2 Move, we want to help people get out of pain, take control of their health, and get back to doing activities they love. 

Help us change healthcare.

Job Description:

This employment proposal is for a full time Physical Therapist.
Employment begins with a paid training and onboarding period that then would transition into a full time provider. 

We are looking for an amazing Doctor of Physical Therapy who is willing to learn and grow inside of our company.
We have 4 locations in Charleston, SC. The role we are looking to fill is inside of our Downtown Charleston office inside Ethos Athletic Club.

This PT will have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by our team along with the chance to grow into a leadership role in our company!

Read on to learn about our mission and who we are looking for!

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What is Made 2 Move?

We are a Self Pay healthcare company striving to change the landscape of healthcare in Charleston and Summerville SC. Made 2 Move strives to educate and empower our community to lead more fulfilling lives.

We empower our clients by giving them movement freedom and removing barriers to their long term health. 

We want to help people get out of pain, take control of their health, and get back to doing activities they love. We empower people to feel strong, resilient, and adaptable.


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How are we going to do this?

At Made 2 Move, we strive to bring relationships back to healthcare. Our treatment philosophy revolves around patient-centered healthcare: putting the patient first in everything we do.  We want to ask about:

  • their goals

  • their barriers

  • their stressors

  • their recovery

  • their hopes

  • their dreams

We want to emphasize the importance of building a relationship with your patient. They are searching for a healthcare provider to finally listen to them and provide them with a plan that can reduce their symptoms and put them on a path to becoming a healthier human being.

We believe that rehab is a process and a commitment. It’s about slowly stacking bricks and building confidence + capacity. Rehab is a collaborative process between PT and patient. We are not about the quick fix. We are not about “fixing” at all. We are about empowering the patient with the tools, guidance, accountability, and expertise to get them the best result.

The Made 2 Move Treatment Philosophy revolves around the healthcare provider being a guide throughout the patient’s recovery process. We coach the patient in the direction that fits their goals, circumstances, needs, wants, and lifestyle. We take patient preference and beliefs into account and prioritize meeting the patient where they’re at. 

We feel that we have the ability to change someone’s life trajectory for the better. This takes time, trust, and a relationship with a patient. If you can establish a healthcare environment that is rooted in these principles… then we believe that, together, we can change the healthcare system for the better. 


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M2M Sacred Pine 6-3-2021-0420_edited_edited.jpg

How can I help?

We need a like-minded clinician who is ready to work hard. We need this clinician to work hard for their patients and work hard to grow in their relationships amongst the Charleston and Summerville community.

We need a clinician who is a caring leader. We need someone who is empathetic and has excellent communication skills. We want someone who is equally passionate about our mission and wants to help in every way they can!

Clinical skills and experience in a fitness-forward physical therapy setting would be an amazing asset. However, there will always be clinical growth and mentorship opportunities with this job to grow in that way.

​Therefore, what we really need is someone who is willing to work hard and be the kind of person who says “I don’t know but I will try my best to figure it out”.
This role requires you to build relationships in the community and understand how to delay gratification by knowing that building these community connections takes time if done right.

Here are some of the job expectations for this role: 

  • 32+ available patient hours/week

  • 3-4 Mentorship Meeting hours/week

  • 1-2 Community Meeting/Drop-Ins per week (depending on caseload)

  • 1 Workshop/Consultation/Event per month


What will this job provide?

This job will provide you with many things but the thing we want to highlight the most is personal growth/career potential.
However, there are typically 3 things that are frequently asked questions about our role that we can try to detail here:

  • Compensation

    • This role will start with a training/onboarding period that will be a base salary similar to a new grad PT starting salary

    • The compensation will grow as your caseload grows with the opportunity expanding into a potential 6-figure salary for a staff PT

    • Beyond that, this role is also designed for someone who wants more responsibility and growth within Made 2 Move. With that will come other income generating opportunities.

  • Benefits

    • We offer unlimited PTO at your base salary and an additional 3 weeks of bonus’d PTO that is calculated by your average takehome once your caseload grows.

    • We believe in personal and professional growth. We pay for all continuing education expenses (as long as they are approved and not absolutely ridiculous). General rule of thumb is “Yes, as long as you’re not being a jerk about it.”

    • We believe in fitness as a vehicle for healthcare. We pay for all gym memberships and related expenses (again, as long as you’re not a jerk about it).

    • As our company continues to grow, we are looking to add retirement benefits and some healthcare benefits. Currently, we do not formally offer these but we want to compensate at a level that allows for you to feel comfortable with the marketplace options.


  • Career/Mentorship

    • This is the biggest of the 3 in our opinion. We need someone who wants to grow their career and grow as a person. This will require a lot of mentorship in both clinical and business related worlds.

    • You’ll work closely with our leadership team to grow in this way. The goal would be for this candidate to grow into someone who would join the leadership team themselves.

    • Do NOT apply for this role if you want to be a Staff PT, see your patients, and then check out at 5pm. There’s nothing wrong with seeing your patients and then clocking out. However, this is not that job.


"Every single minute in their practice is aimed at getting you back in the saddle efficiently and safely. Their pricing structure is a STEAL for the individualized, research based, compassionate care you will receive. Worth every single penny and more. Do not waste your time elsewhere, get over to Made2Move and get BETTER."

- Bethany Jaenicke


“We are so grateful for Made 2 Move for providing something different that insurance just doesn’t provide. We have had a wonderful experience at Made2Move!"

- Ashley Fine

"I’ve never felt so comfortable and confident in my treatment plan than I do here! My PT is attentive and knowledgeable, and there’s such a focus on the patient here at this clinic. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I have so much faith and confidence. I no longer fear injury, or like I have to chose between an activity and pain."

- Chelsea Patenude

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