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Helping Injured Athletes Recover From ACL Tears

Charleston and Summerville's Best ACL Rehab

Work With Our ACL & Sports Rehab Specialists

Return to Sport Safely and Confidently

ACL tears are devastating injuries. Recovering from an ACL tear is complex and re-tear rate is high.

Without the right guidance and rehab plan...

  • You face complications and a high risk of re-tear​​
  • You're left guessing instead of following a specific plan​​
  • You're frustrated when your rehab doesn't treat you like an athlete ​
  • You're nervous that you won't meet your goals or get back to 100%
  • You waste precious time and energy on rehab that doesn't prepare you for your sport

We’ll answer your questions, get more information about your injury and goals, and help you decide the next best step so that you feel confident in your rehab plan.


We’ll work with you every step of the way and create an individualized action plan designed specifically for you, your weaknesses, and your goals.


With our guidance, you'll get back to doing the things you love safely, confidently, and stronger than ever!

Most people don't get back to 100% after an ACL tear.

Instead, they feel frustrated with their lack of progress, or worse, they’re left to “rehab on their own.” ​

With our ACL rehab program, you'll get objective and functional testing, an individualized strength and conditioning program, evidence based care, and all the space and equipment you need in our performance facilities. There’s nothing stopping you from crushing your goals.

Don't take a chance with your recovery. Don't waste time on the sidelines!​


Work with our ACL Specialists and get on the right program for your goals.

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Our cutting-edge facilities have all the space, equipment, and expertise you need to get back in the game.

See our ACL Performance Lab in action here.

Return to sport safely and confidently.

See what our ACL athletes are saying.

acl rehab charleston

"I had ACL surgery after a skiing accident in February of 2023 and started seeing Laura about 6 months after working with an in-network PT initially. I switched because I was looked for an ACL-specific PT that fully understood the implications and recovery of this challenging injury. Laura has been a fantastic cheerleader and has focused on getting me back to the things that I want to do, instead of giving me generic exercises during a session and letting me figure out my own exercise outside of sessions. She builds a detailed weekly exercise plan (based on the things I enjoy while still working towards full recovery) and regularly gives feedback and tweaks based on my form and how I feel during an exercise. I'm so impressed by her expertise in the field, curiosity towards how I'm feeling, and overall empathy towards an injury that has impacted my life in such a big way. Paying out of pocket has been worth it for me to have a coach focused on my specific needs and putting this injury in the rear-view for the rest of my life. I'm proud of the progress Laura has pushed me towards and look forward to getting back on the slopes this season!"


- Claire W.

How is our ACL rehab different?
You'll get everything you need to meet your goals.
1-on-1 Sessions

Work with an ACL expert in our performance facilities and get communication and guidance every step of the way.

Return to Sport Planning

We'll quarterback your care by communicating with your coaches and rehab team to coordinate your

safe return to sport.

Customized Programming

Take the guesswork out. Your ACL Specialist will build a program specific to you and will tell you exactly what to do to meet your goals.

Expert Guidance with Surgical Decision Making

Not sure what to do after an ACL tear? We'll help you choose the best path for you and your goals.

Objective & Functional Testing

Test like a pro! Used by elite athletes around the world, our comprehensive testing tells you exactly what your weaknesses are.

& Conditioning

Come back better than before. When you work with us, you'll become a stronger and more resilient athlete and get back to competing at a high level.

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Not All ACL Rehab is created equal.

You deserve to rehab like an athlete.


Want expert guidance throughout your whole ACL journey?

We got you.

From pre-op and post-op to return to sport, we'll make sure you're successful.


3-6+ months post op and ready to put in the work to return to sport?

Our bridge program is for you.


We’ll start with testing to assess your progress and readiness, then we'll build a program for your goals. 


Not sure if you need surgery?

Dealing with a revision?

Want to know what your best options are?

No matter your history, our ACL specialist will help you choose your best path.

For every stage of rehab.

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Our ACL Rehab Providers are highly trained and specialize in helping athletes return to sport safely and confidently after ACL tears. 

We know how much you care about your recovery and to accomplish that, you need the right ACL rehab.

Your rehab will require time, money, commitment, and dedication, so it’s frustrating when traditional rehab routes don’t give you the care and attention you deserve.


Unfortunately, most ACL rehab plans fall short, with athletes not getting everything they need to succeed. Most clinics will put you with 2-3 other patients at a time, give you low-level exercises, and leave you wondering what else is out there.

That’s why we created the our ACL Rehab Program.


We’re built for performance. Our ACL Specialists use the latest in clinical research and focus on every detail to ensure you crush your goals.

We make sure you have an all encompassing plan that's perfect for you and is backed by science, so you can feel confident knowing you're in the right place.


Our facilities are designed with all the cutting edge equipment you need to get back to feeling strong and confident.


We’ll quarterback your care team and work with you 1-on-1 every session throughout your whole journey.


Let's get you back to what you love.


3 Must Do's Before ACL Surgery

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