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Made 2 Move

Helps active people in the Charleston area get back to the sports and activities they love

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Our physical therapists will get you feeling strong, mobile, and healthy again!

You’ll get more attention and 1-on-1 care than anywhere else!
That’s the Made 2 Move Promise!

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Located conveniently on Daniel Island, SC


How it Works


Get to the Root of the Problem

Find out what’s exactly going on with you. Go through and learn the key exercises to start the healing process and get some hands on treatment so you can feel better right away!


Get a Plan (Fix the problem)

We will give you a personalized plan to get you back to being painfree and back to the activities you are missing. If you follow our exact steps you’ll get rid of your pain, start getting stronger, and know exactly what to do at home.


Enjoy Life Long Health

Once you're feeling better, our job isn’t over. We want to make sure it never comes back. We’ll give you the tools you need. You just have to do it!

Health is an Investment

But you have to put in the work!

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