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Exercise Program: M2M Strength Club

How do I make an exercise plan? Where should I start in the gym? These are some of the questions we get at Made 2 Move before we help them create a successful, sustainable plan to become a healthier human being.

At Made 2 Move, our therapists at each of our locations (Downtown, Summerville, West Ashley, and Daniel Island) all love to help people move. We love reducing the barriers that people have to a confident and active lifestyle. One of the ways we do that is by providing a exercise program for people to follow!

These programs don't need to be crazy complicated or expensive. Often times, people just need to know where to start and how to improve. That is why we released our Made 2 Move Strength Club! The M2M Strength Club is a simple and effective online strength plan that allows people to start seeing results in the gym without the headache/confusion of planning.

With that being said, let's talk about workout planning! These are the things that the M2M Strength Program will include (but we've already done the hard part for you)!

Periodization, programming, planning, progressions. All these P words are thrown around in the world of fitness and rehab, and are undoubtedly intertwined but what do they all mean? Very simply put, periodization refers to the use of strategic programming or planning to generate a desired progression (goal). Periodization is a process of training to reach a long term goal. This is where terms like cycles, blocks, and programs come into play. Progression can refer to the actual stimuli that are varied each week (intensity, volume, frequency of sessions) or the individual improvement seen after following a periodized training plan long term.

Programming vs. periodization...what is the difference? Periodization can get very complex with the different types of periodization and time frames used for each, but the underlying concepts are very simple. In the words of Dr. Lorenz, physical therapist and licensed athletic trainer, “Periodization is an overall concept of training that deals with the division of the training process into specific phases. Programming is the manipulation of the variables within these phases (sets, repetitions, load) that are needed to bring about the specific adaptations desired within that particular period” (Lorenz and Morrison 2015).

So who could benefit from a periodized training plan? What are the benefits of following a periodized program?

Who could benefit from a periodized training program?

Periodization is a tried and tested method used to help athletes of any age peak for their sports seasons, weightlifters and powerlifters to peak for their meets, and marathon runners to peak for their races. But periodization can also be useful for those not attempting to reach peak performance. Below are instances in which a periodized training program would be valuable tool:

  • During rehabilitation from injury

  • Trying to reach a specific goal

  • In those feeling constantly sore or fatigued

  • In those feeling burnt out, unmotivated, or plateaued

Benefits of Periodization:

  • Gives you something to work towards

  • Can help you define or expand upon your goals

You might go into your first periodized training plan working on one thing (increasing your squat 1 rep max) and find you need work in another area. The next cycle could focus on this weakness.

  • It will force you to work on things that might be challenging or sticking points

If you don’t follow a program, you’ll naturally avoid the things you suck at. If someone else programs for you, you have to do it.

  • Better on your body and mindset + reduces risk of injury

Recovery is part of programming. Every periodized training program has fatigue management and recovery days built into the program, whereas if you just go to workout classes every day, you may not take the rest days your body needs. This required rest and recovery as part of your program allows your body time to heal, thus reducing the risk for injury. Plus, with a periodized workout plan, you know what to expect each day coming into the gym.

  • Tailored to what you need/accessible to people at all levels

Whether you are trying to improve mobility, strength, endurance, or sport specificity there is a coach out there that can design a strategic and effective plan specifically for you.

  • Keeps you accountable/consistent

  • Customizable

Do you find it hard to find time to train 6 days a week with your work schedule? The M2M Strength Program offers a 2 day and a 3 day periodized training program that would work for you. Since frequency of sessions will decrease, variables like intensity, session duration, training volume, and load may have to be increased. After all, the manipulation of stimuli is the name of the game with periodization.

At Made 2 Move, our therapists work closely with each patient to develop a rehab or training plan specific to individual injuries, training backgrounds, and goals. Are you coming back from injury and looking to optimize your recovery? Following a periodized training plan is one of the best ways to work back to your 100% and come back from injury even stronger and more resilient than before. Reach out to today to schedule your initial consultation.


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