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What Role Does Mental Health Have When Dealing With an Injury?

So often, the health industry tries to separate aspects of health into separate, distinct categories: mental, emotional, physical, social health, and spiritual. At Made 2 Move, our physical therapists seek to acknowledge all these pillars and not separate them into their own categories. This is one of the driving forces behind the variety of speakers and companies we interview on the Healthy Charleston Podcast!

“Mental health-informed movement professionals.” This is the title of a recent instagram post by Alaskan fitness trainer, Sarah Mehl Histand (@sarahmhistand). While no one is defined or limited by their job title, we love the way she defines herself as a “mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer.”

We love being able to connect with members in our community whose work goes beyond just the physical therapy and exercise sphere of health. At Made 2 Move, we aim to make physical therapy an ever evolving field, and this includes adopting a more mental-health informed mindset.

Becoming More Mental-Health Informed

Focusing in on the mental pillar of health, we can learn a lot about a person. As movement professionals here at Made 2 Move, we have learned how to tailor our treatment methods to an individual. Everyone has different motivations and comes to physical therapy in different emotional states. Encouraging someone to grind out a heavy last rep might be beneficial for a competitive former athlete but might be intimidating for someone who has never stepped foot in a weight room. It is our job as physical therapists to recognize these individual differences and cater programming to match it.

How can we become more mentally health informed in the movement space? How can we tailor our treatment plans to be inclusive of all people? Breaking down mental health barriers is key to success and longevity in the movement space. Sarah Histand broke down 6 ways we can give mental health the attention it deserves in relation to our physical health. We will dive into these 6 practices below..