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The Importance of Food, Sleep, and Recovery

How many times have you heard someone say something along the lines of, “I earned my carbs after that run,” or “I can’t eat ___; I didn’t earn it.”?, or “I didn’t do enough to deserve a nap today.” First and foremost, food, sleep, and recovery are necessities; not something we EARN the right to eat or do. People tend to think that they have to “earn” their sleep, rest, or what they eat, when in actuality it may be the other way around, with our workouts being the thing we have to “earn.”

Our physical therapists at Made 2 Move like to drive home the point that quality nutrition, rest, and sleep are essential for injury recovery and overall wellness. So now we know food is not something we should view as having to “earn.” But let’s flip the script: have you ever thought about workouts and exercise being something you have to “earn”? What do we mean by “earning the right to workout?”

Earning your workouts

Earning your workouts is as simple as it sounds. Did you take the proper steps outside of the gym to be able to maximize your performance in the gym? These proper steps are the “Big Three” that we talk about often at Made 2 Move. Checking these 3 boxes will help you to feel ready to hit workouts, physical therapy sessions, and just maximize your day to day activities. While seemingly oversimplified, these “Big Three” are:

  1. Nutrition

  2. Sleep/Recovery

  3. Hydration

Some examples of times when working out might not be the best decision for your body:

  • If you have only eaten one meal or had one sip of water and it’s time for your 5 pm workout, you may not have earned the right to workout.

  • If you only slept 4 hours the night before, you may not have earned the right to workout.