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Ethos Athletic Club - Downtown Charleston's Next Big Gym!

Our physical therapists at Made 2 Move love our historic city of Charleston. Downtown Charleston has a lot to offer: Carriage rides around the historic district, Walking around the battery, and definitely plenty of amazing restaurants like Basic Kitchen and Husk. It seems like Charleston has it all. What if it had something that made it even more special?

Enter: Ethos Athletic Club. Born from resolve, Ethos Athletic Club strives to be the premier gym in all of Charleston. Their mission statement is “Ethos Athletic Club is home - where nothing is given, only earned. It is our passion to elevate your daily routines through strength, movement and mindset. Here, you own your greatness.” There’s something beautiful about that statement. It is a gym that really tries to strengthen and empower the person as opposed to just the physical body. The gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment, steam/sauna, immaculate locker rooms, and a cafe that serves coffee, smoothies, and acai bowls courtesy of Tres Palmas!

Best of all, your family at Made 2 Move has a beautiful office space right inside. We love that we can now offer physical therapy and human performance services right here in Downtown Charleston. This location will NOT be limited to just Ethos members. Rather, we can see and help anyone who desires to come visit our clinic downtown. You do not have to be a member of EAC. You just have to be a human (sorry, no dogs yet) who is ready to make a lifestyle change and/or get out of pain so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do!

Our office space inside of the gym will be a physical office. We will have a room dedicated to only physical therapy where we can have private conversations, perform dry needling, cupping, or anything else that we might decide we need to do in order to get you feeling like yourself again! As your physical therapist inside of this new gym, we will be able to have access to all the gym has to offer in order to provide you with unparalleled care.

Forget about being told to sit on that old bike for 10 minutes while your PT wraps up his/her previous patient. You will never have to worry about not having the right tools to help you rehab your injury. Ethos is the DREAM scenario for anyone who is looking to get strong and healthy as quickly as possible. It has everything we could have dreamed of and we are so excited to share it with you!

The gym is slated to open late October/early November right now and we will be ready to see patients the moment it opens! Our very own Rachel Heller will be the lead physical therapist on staff at Ethos. Elliot Lance will also bounce around from time to time and see patients downtown (as long as Rachel will allow it). With this amazing facility and awesome staff, what more could you ask for in terms of physical therapy??

Here at Made 2 Move, we strive to offer the best physical therapy experience that Charleston has to offer. We want you to leave our clinics feeling better, stronger, and more empowered than when you first stepped foot inside Ethos (or any of our other amazing facilities). For more information about our other locations, please visit our website! Email to set up an initial evaluation. Our therapists are waiting for you inside of Ethos Athletic Club here in Downtown Charleston!


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