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Athlete Training in Charleston

Training like an athlete. Is it necessary? No.

Is it fun? Sometimes.

Can it help you stay fit/healthy so you can be ready for whatever life may throw at you? Absolutely.

As we age out of our sport playing years, many people also begin to shy away from athletic type exercises. It would be amazing to be able to play in adult soccer, baseball, and lacrosse leagues, but most people have trouble finding the time for this on top of work, family, and their current gym routine. So how can we train like an athlete in the gym?

While there is nothing wrong with non-athletic training, it often does not cover all of the bases in terms of power, strength, and injury prevention. Strength and cardio, two of the most common components of a modern, aesthetically focused training program, are extremely important but are only two of the many qualities of athleticism. So what does “training like an athlete” look like? And how can it help you?

4 basic principles to follow in order to train like an athlete are

  1. Doing drills or lifting weights with speed

  2. Getting off the ground (jumping, skipping, hopping)

  3. Agility

  4. Moving Backwards