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Youth Athlete
Off Season Strength Camp

Decrease Risk of Injuries, Build Strength, and Improve Performance & Confidence!


Camp Details:

January 9-25

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 PM

Daniel Island & Summerville Locations


This camp is open to ALL youth athletes in middle school and high school. 

Interested in the camp but neither of these times work for you? Let us know here! 

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  • 1-on-1 Sessions with Your Doctor
    Gone are the days of being passed off to a student or tech. All your sessions are 1-on-1, 60+ minutes, with your personal Physical Therapist. This helps create continuity of care, trust, and the best outcome for you!
  • Performance Physical Therapy
    Our clinic looks more like a gym than a traditional clinic, and that’s on purpose. Come in ready to work as we use a combination of dry needling, manual therapy techniques, exercises, and hard work in the gym to get you long term relief and help you perform better in all areas of your life.
  • A Program Designed Just For YOU!
    At Made 2 Move, physical therapy goes much further than your weekly sessions. You'll receive an individualized, progressive program designed specifically for you, your problem areas, and your goals. Bonus points - it's delivered straight to your phone - so you always know exactly what to do.
  • A Full Picture Approach
    We're here to get you out of pain AND make you healthier. We take all factors into account so we don't miss anything. Through health coaching and lifestyle changes, we'll dive into your workouts, sleep and nutrition habits, and stress levels, to improve all aspects of your health.
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
    You got goals? We'll hold you accountable and give you a plan to help you crush them. There's no limit to what you can accomplish - and we're excited to show you what you're capable of.
  • Never Worry About Pain Again
    With our guidance, you’ll never have to worry about pain again. Throughout your physical therapy journey, we’ll give you the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to understand your pain, get rid of it, and prevent it from coming back. We’ll teach you how to take control of your pain, spend less time injured, and spend more time doing the things you care about.
  • Move with Freedom and Confidence
    Get the results you’re looking for so you can trust your body again, move without restrictions, do the things you love with confidence, and become even more resilient to injuries. You don't have to question if you're doing the right things, that's what we're here for.
  • Newest Technology
    Call us nerds, but we're always reading, learning, and refining our skills so we can give you the highest quality of care possible. We use the latest and greatest technology and stay up to date with best practices to get you better, faster.



While not every injury can be prevented, research supports the use of injury risk reduction programs, especially for non-contact ACL injuries, which account for approximately 80% of ACL tears.


These types of programs have been shown to reduce the likelihood of injury by at least 50%.

Our program is led by Doctors of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers.

Together, we can build stronger, resilient, and more durable female athletes.

6 SPOTS PER CAMP: Sign up fast!

This January, we're focused on building knowledge, strength, and confidence, so all levels of experience are welcome!

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