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What Is Cash Based Physical Therapy??

We want to show you how choosing Made 2 Move will not only help you get out of pain and reach your goals, but also save you money compared to an insurance clinic.

Initial Evaluation: $249 for a comprehensive 75 minute evaluation.


Alex received a full 75 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

$35 co-pay (national average) for 60min. eval.

Jordan paid $152: The average cost for each PT session if you haven't met your deductible. You will receive a bill in the mail.
The M2M doctor listened to Alex's entire story and together they created a holistic plan based on her goals and limitations. All of her questions got answered.

This plan included exercises and treatments that prepared her for her goals. Just a few sessions in, Alex is already seeing noticeable improvement. She's out of pain and looking to keep it from happening again!

Alex and her PT have also addressed new ways to recover and manage her stress. Alex is feeling stronger day-by-day and her individualized plan has allowed her to return to her normal life quicker than expected.

Alex and her PT continue to check off goals. They create new goals to progress with this new baseline

Step 1

At the end of the plan of care, Alex visited Made 2 Move and has spent $211 more out of pocket than Jordan.


Although both patients were recovering from similar injuries, Alex's symptoms resolved quickly and got results in almost half the time. Made 2 Move's individualized care allowed for a fuller recovery that got Alex back to the lifestyle she loved sooner.


Which path will you choose to get back to your peak performance?

Furthermore, had Jordan NOT met his deductible, this care path through insurance PT would have cost him $2,888 ($152/session x 1 initial evaluation and 12 follow up sessions) out of pocket, which would have him spending $749 MORE for a less-effective care than if he had gone through Made 2 Move.

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