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Signs, Symptoms, and Techniques to Prevent Overtraining

As a Physical therapist I hear very similar stories from friends, family, patients, and especially from people I randomly meet. It goes something like this, “I have this knee pain when I run or workout. I rested it for (insert random #) of weeks/days, and did some exercises I found on WebMD or YouTube. It’s still hurting and getting worse what do I do?” This person is not overtraining. He or she is under-recovering. Let me show you what I mean.

Most people when they talk about overtraining ask, “Am I working out too much, too long, or too hard?” The easy answer is no… but it’s obviously much more complex than that. I want to show you a different way to look at this issue. Overtraining happens when work capacity exceeds your body’s ability to adapt to the training stimulus. The human body, in its ideal state and under the right conditions, is able to take an amazing amount of training, volume, and intensity. We aren’t all...

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