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Zone 2 Training

A not so new concept is the idea of heart rate training zones. This concept is based upon our heart rate and energy systems being utilized to supply energy for the activities being done. But what are the heart rate training zones?

These zones range from Zone 0 (simply existing) to Zones 5-6 (anaerobic and max heart rate). In Zone 6, you are pushing as hard as you possibly can. An often neglected training zone is Zone 2 because of most people’s complaint that it’s “too slow.”

However, Zone 2 training can provide a host of physical and mental benefits which we will delve into.

What is Zone 2 Training?

In the simplest of terms, Zone 2 training can be thought of as the training zone that feels very maintainable and in which you feel you can hold an effortless conversation. You are somewhere in between a leisurely stroll and a max effort high intensity workout. It is an aerobic training zone, but one where you aren’t exhausted and in which you can still breathe out of your nose.

Zone 2 is done at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. Peter Attia, a huge proponent of Zone 2 training, describes zone 2 training as one where if he was on the phone, he could hold the conversation for hours, but the person would be able to hear that he was exercising.

Zone 2 training can be thought of as the base of the fitness and longevity pyramid. If you have a solid Zone 2 fitness level, then all other types of fitness will be easier. Not only will it make exercising easier, it will also contribute greatly to overall health and longevity.

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