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Top 10 Single Arm / Single Leg Exercises

Here at Made 2 Move, we love exercise and we love efficiency. If you put those two things together, then you're very likely speaking our language. There are quite *literally* thousands of potential exercises you could choose to get you stronger and I am sure that all of them could be beneficial in some capacity.

However, here are our favorites in terms of single arm or single leg exercises. This doesn't mean they're better in really any objective manner. They're just solid, efficient exercises that we know will get the job done. We threw in some generalized sets and reps that will work for most people. Find something moderately heavy and give these a try!

1. Single Arm DB Bench Press

The Bench Press - The holy grail of the globo gym. Look, we all love to bench press and if you don’t you are just weird. This is a great exercise to help improve your horizontal pressing abilities.

Additionally, this exercise is g