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How Long Will It Take For My Injury To Heal?

How Long Will it Take For My Injury to Heal?

Whether at Made 2 Move West Ashley or Made 2 Move Daniel Island, one of the first questions patients ask in their initial PT session with us is, “How long will it take for me to get better?”

The short answer: we don’t have an exact time frame. We can give patients a predicted healing time based on our research and experience, but every injury and body is going to heal differently and at varying rates.

One factor we are confident in as a major key in injury rehabilitation is time. As frustrating as it is for patients to hear “time is the ultimate healer,” this is the truth. We never will be the doctors who aren't clear or transparent with you.

The healing process is not linear and everyone will progress at differing rates throughout their time in physical therapy, but as a general rule of thumb, time is the ultimate healer for injuries. Read on for the long answer as to how much time it will take for your injury to heal.

How long do different injuries take to heal?

Most clinicians will tell you that 6-12 weeks is the time frame it takes for injury to heal. This is a textbook answer based on the 3 phases of tissue healing (inflammatory, proliferation, and remodeling). But what if your injury is not an “issue with the tissue”, but rather based on stress, psychological factors, or overuse? Injury recovery is incredibly multifactorial; thus, recovery times can vary greatly from this 6-12 week estimate.

One of the biggest factors (aside from time) in h