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Charleston Soccer Club x Made 2 Move

Made 2 Move is excited to announce our new partnership with Charleston Soccer Club, a youth soccer organization based out of both Daniel Island and Summerville! This partnership will allow for individualized 1-on-1 evaluations and injury screens with athletes and will also include educational workshops for everyone involved at Charleston Soccer Club.

Made 2 Move will collaborate with coaches, parents, and players to educate them on injury prevention measures and offer strength programs to the athletes. Getting in the weightroom as a youth athlete is a valuable tool that can drastically improve sports performance, as well as reduce injury risk. Strength programs are one of the perks of the partnership and will be led by the Made 2 Move team of physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Who is Charleston Soccer Club?

Charleston Soccer Club is a local soccer organization that serves over 600 athletes from 6-18 years of age. They are based out of both Summerville and Daniel Island, conveniently located near 2 of our Made 2 Move clinics.

One of our lead physical therapists, Hannah Breal, speaks on the partnership, “We are thrilled to join forces with Charleston Soccer Club who are committed to elevating youth athletics and providing an amazing and healthy club environment. We are looking forward to being a resource, a guide, and a partner to change lives for the better and make Charleston a happier and healthier place!”

Hannah is our lead PT at the Daniel Island Made 2 Move so will see any CSC athletes at this clinic. Hannah will also work alongside our athletic trainer, Laura Sapper, in leading the Made 2 Move Soccer Girl’s Strength Camps.

What will this partnership provide?

Very few youth sports organizations, especially local soccer clubs, have designated partnerships with PTs in the area. This leaves players confused with little direction on who to see after an injury or worse, cause players to ignore nagging pain or injury simply because they don’t know who to go to. This new partnership will allow Made 2 Move to provide resources to all of our players (coaches and parents too!) who are experiencing an acute or nagging injury.

Having both physical therapists and athletic trainers on staff gives Made 2 Move a unique edge over traditional PT. Before joining the team at Made 2 Move, Laura Sapper, our athletic trainer on staff, worked with the Newberry College baseball team, was the head athletic trainer of over 60 sports teams in a private school setting, and worked 4 years alongside orthopedic surgeons specifically treating ACL injuries. We are lucky to have her! This interprofessional collaboration and experience among our team of movement specialists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists helps us provide the best care to youth athletes in the Charleston area.

Made 2 Move wanted to make access to our clinics, along with individualized injury screens, treatments, and prevention, more available to soccer players in the Charleston area. As a part of the CSC x M2M collaboration, players will have streamlined, individualized access to:

  • Educational workshops and clinics for players, parents, and coaches

  • Injury screens

  • Evaluation and treatment after injury

  • ACL injury prevention warm-ups, programs, and screens

  • Post-surgical rehab and return to sport

  • NPL game coverage

Coming up…

As part of this partnership, Charleston Soccer Club players can get 15% off the upcoming girl’s summer strength camps run by Made 2 Move physical therapists and athletic trainers. These camps take girls into the weightroom to build their strength and confidence, which in turn helps reduce their risk of injury. Girls will become familiar with barbells, medicine balls, dumbbells and more to improve their on and off the field performance.

Through these camps, Made 2 Move helps youth athletes become more aware of their body and landing mechanics, develop overall strength, and recognize their true potential as an athlete. Made 2 Move’s upcoming girl’s strength camp starts in 2 weeks! These strength camps will be offered for boys in the near future. If you have a youth athlete with Charleston Soccer Club and are interested in one of our camps or working with one of our therapists, please reach out to today to set up an initial evaluation.


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