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Benefits of Rehab with an Athletic Trainer

Alright, she’s not going to like this, but we are going to brag on our very own Laura Sapper, ATC, OTC, CSMS. Our Made 2 Move location in Mt. Pleasant is unique because of the ACL Performance Lab located within it. Laura runs the show at this ACL Performance Lab!

Our Made 2 Move Team in Mt. Pleasant has an interprofessional proficiency that traditional PT clinics are often missing. What is this missing link that contributes to our proficiency and expertise? Having an athletic trainer (AT) on our team. The Made 2 Move staff is made up of both physical therapists and our long sought after ACL specialist and athletic trainer, Laura Sapper, who work together to provide the best care to every athlete who walks in our doors.

What sets an AT apart from a PT?

An AT is an athletic trainer. A PT is a physical therapist. ATs are typically the first medical professionals on the field after an injury, whereas PTs typically don't see athletes until post-injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Athletic trainers also provide a vital communication link between the injured athlete, the physician, the coach, and sometimes the athlete's family to determine when it's right to return to practice and competition.”

In addition to their training on injury rehabilitation, ATs receive extensive training in injury prevention, which makes Laura an incredible person for our athletes trying to get back to their sport. Laura has the experience of seeing athletes from the moment of injury to the special moment they return to the field or court after their injury.

As an AT, Laura gives athletes the tools to best prepare for returning to their sport and preventing re-injury. These tools go beyond the essential physical strength and mobility that Laura helps her athletes regain. As an athetic trainer, she knows how big of a role the fear of re-injury can play in an athlete's confidence to get back to their sport. She addresses the mental side of injury just as much as the physical, equipping her athletes with the tools they need to be successful throughout the rehab process.

What is Laura’s background?

Laura started her career as an AT at Newberry college with their baseball team. She then worked with a local private school in Charleston for 7 years as the injury guru for 60+ sports teams. Before spearheading our Made 2 Move ACL Performance Lab, Laura spent 4 years working in the orthopedic surgery world helping a variety of patients rehab injuries ranging from sports specific injuries to total joint replacements.

Having an AT as part of our performance rehab platform at Made 2 Move Mt. Pleasant allows us to specialize in athlete specific injuries, the most notable of which is our athletes recovering from ACL injuries. Laura is educated in the same anatomy, biomechanics, and movement science as a physical therapist is, but has the added benefit of experience with on the field injuries from time of injury, through surgery (if necessary), and out on the other side when they return to sport.

Are you ready to rehab from an ACL injury and come back stronger than you were pre-injury? Come see Laura at Made 2 Move Mt. Pleasant. Her extensive background makes her an incredible clinician in helping athletes get stronger, rehab from surgery, and get back to their sport. Reach out to to check out our ACL Performance Lab!


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