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Strength Camp

Decrease Risk of Injuries, Build Strength, and Improve Performance & Confidence!

Registration for 2023 Summer Camp is closed.

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Youth athletes have a high risk of injuries, especially ACL tears. One of the biggest risk factors for injury is lack of strength and neuromuscular control. 

This Summer Strength Camp is designed for male athletes to build strength, increase confidence on and off the field, improve performance, and decrease injury risk.

This camp will take place at our Mount Pleasant location at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 11-July 27.

*The 4:30pm class is open to all male athletes ages 11+

Female athletes can sign up for the 5:30 class HERE!

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Mount Pleasant Strength Camp


Mt Pleasant Camp


While not every injury can be prevented, research supports the use of injury risk reduction programs, especially for non-contact ACL injuries, which account for approximately 80% of ACL tears.


These types of programs have been shown to reduce the likelihood of injury by at least 50%.

Our program is led by Doctors of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers.

Together, we can build stronger, resilient, and more durable athletes.

12 SPOTS PER CAMP: Sign up fast!

This summer, we're focused on building knowledge, strength, and confidence, so all levels of experience are welcome!

Let's get youth athletes in the weight room!

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