Whether you are a mom-to-be, settling back into your post-baby self, or simply want to be fiercest shebeast your gym has ever seen, we are here to help you understand, love and, ultimately move your body.

If your workouts are getting you down or hip pain is holding you back, this is a place with answers and solutions for women of all walks. We are here to tell you all the things you can do, not all the things you can’t do! Focusing on the unique dynamics and differences of the female body, we work to get you back to confidently moving at your best.


Founder of 4th Trimester, Women’s Health Specialist

Meg focuses primarily on women’s health and fitness; more specifically, how to help her patients achieve their best selves with respect to the unique strengths and needs of the female body. In that vein, she is currently pursuing a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy – Pregnancy and Postpartum (CAPP-OB) through the American Physical Therapy Association.  

Motivated by what works, Meg is all about helping you find a path to fitness that you love and will stay the course with consistently.


By common medical definition, the 4th Trimester refers to the 3-month period following the birth of your baby. This period is hallmarked by your newborn rapidly developing and adapting to life on the outside, while also being the the widely accepted recovery period for postpartum moms.

However, for many women, three months is just the beginning the body’s road to healing and recovery following childbirth. Too many moms resign themselves to a new normal of limited mobility or physical capability because they’ve been told the clock is up on their allocated recovery time.

We are on a mission to change that damaging perspective with open conversation about what’s not normal (laugh-leaks, ladies?) and what may yet be strengthened and healed following the months, or even years, after you give birth.

You are worthy and you are worth your healthiest self, mama.

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