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Dr. Rachel Riley, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, , Summerville

Rachel grew up on Edisto Island playing outside, swimming in the creek, and lifting weights in her parents gym. She attended Academic Magnet High School where she played soccer and dabbled in cross country. Academic Magnet won 2 girls’ soccer state titles during Rachel’s time on the team (Coincidence? We think not!) However, it wasn’t always sunshine and post-game chocolate milk. No therapist’s bio is complete without a personal injury story, so buckle up.

Rachel broke her collarbone in a club soccer tournament and had to sit out the rest of the club season. Like so many others, being a physical therapy patient first sparked Rachel’s interest in the career. Unfortunately, Rachel re-broke her collarbone the first week she returned to practice at the beginning of the high school season. Major bummer!

This experience opened Rachel’s eyes to how physical injuries affect all aspects of life and it showed her the importance of being prepared for getting back to what you love.

Rachel attended USC Honors College majoring in Exercise Science and decided to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist to encourage others through challenging times. Meanwhile, she worked at the USC gym and lifted weights regularly, but missed the team atmosphere that soccer had provided growing up.
After graduation, Rachel moved back to Charleston to attend Physical Therapy school at MUSC. Her PT school roommate, BFF and now co-worker, Hannah Breal, invited her to attend a CrossFit class. Like a moth to a flame, Rachel dove head first into CrossFit. She loved the intensity and the team camaraderie of it all! Rachel continues to love a good metcon but you’ll find her at her happiest doing a classic 5x5 back squat. (She’s also really strong. Like… really strong).

Rachel wants every person she works with to feel like they can handle whatever life throws at them. Challenges are inevitable and being ready for them takes consistent, hard work. Rachel believes that mental health is a huge component of living a healthy life and knows it is vital to have people on your team to lift you up when you need it.

Being able to do hard things in the gym makes Rachel feel strong and capable in every other setting; she wants this for you too! Rachel consistently encourages her patients to celebrate what their body can do and wants to be on your team as you attack the hard stuff. Let’s do this together!

Education & Credentials:
CrossFit CF-L1, 2021
Doctorate in Physical Therapy, MUSC, 2020
B.S. in Exercise Science, University of South Carolina, Honors College, 2017


Dr. Rachel Riley, PT, DPT
Dr. Rachel Riley, PT, DPT

We've worked with hundreds of people with a variety of issues to help them overcome pain and injuries, transform their health, and stay active for life.

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