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Dr. Peter Keenan, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Downtown Charleston

Peter grew up in the “ocean state" Rhode Island, which is full of beautiful beaches and cliff scenery. Peter loves the Charleston area as it reminds him of his favorite childhood beach towns, except with warmer weather for most of the year!

Peter first became interested in physical therapy in high school and early college years as a way to continue to be involved in sports and activities while also challenging himself academically. As someone who was often injured during youth sports, he wanted to be the solution to help athletes come back from injuries to feel like themselves again.

Peter went to undergrad Springfield College in western Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Biology. When he wasn’t studying, he was often spending weekends skiing in Vermont, enjoying his time at a wellness-focused school!

Early on in PT school Peter realized that he needed to continue to grow and learn more on his own in order to truly help people in the most effective way possible. He spent a lot of his free time (and still does to this day) reading current research, listening to talks by field experts, and leading journal club discussions.

Peter’s passion as a Physical Therapist is to provide answers for anyone who comes to him in need of help, no matter how complex or difficult the situation is, and help guide them back to living the most fulfilling version of their lives without limitations or worry of injury.

Having played sports at a high level most of his life and being a strength and conditioning specialist, Peter utilizes his knowledge and skill set to give individualized care to active adults and athletes to return them to top performance.

Peter wants to fight back against the rampant health misinformation that is spread on a daily basis and empower all of his patients to have the tools to keep themselves healthy and be independent in pursuit of all their health goals.

When Peter isn’t helping his clients crush their goals, he loves to spend his free time outdoors relaxing in the sand, exploring his new home on a walk, or being active with exercise and his favorite sports, basketball, tennis, pickleball, and spikeball. We hear Peter has a pretty mean spikeball serve - you’ll have to see for yourself!


Dr. Peter Keenan, PT, DPT, CSCS
Dr. Peter Keenan, PT, DPT, CSCS

We've worked with hundreds of people with a variety of issues to help them overcome pain and injuries, transform their health, and stay active for life.

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