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Dane Gifford, PTA


Originally from Havre, MT, Dane first came to Charleston by way of the Air Force in 2002. Although he loved the Lowcountry life, his military service took him overseas to Germany and Hungary before bringing him back to the holy city with his beautiful wife, Stephanie, to pursue his career in Physical Therapy.

A longtime trainer and CrossFit coach, Dane realized the need for a deeper understanding of how people move and, more specifically, how they can move pain-free. Inspired by Kelly Starrett and The Mobility WOD, he dove into learning any and everything about movement and pain-free fitness.

Dane joined the M2M team in 2017 after hitting a wall with the current state of American healthcare. Disillusioned with the disease-management system’s dysfunction for both practitioners and patients, he wanted to be part of a team that threw the red tape aside and focused solely on doing what needed to be done to help people live better.

A jack of many trades, Dane’s specialty is strength training, rehab, and injury prevention. With a history as a strength coach before transitioning into physical therapy, Dane is adept at helping athletes pursue their goals and achieve peak performance; especially when it comes to picking up heavy things and putting them down. If you need someone to talk to, accountability, or a hype man, Dane is your guy.
Above all else, Dane cares about his patients. His goal for each person he works with is to know that pain is not permanent, they will get better, and there is always a way to improve.

Education & Credentials:
A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant, Trident Technical College, 2017
B.S. in Exercise Science, College of Charleston, 2016
CrossFit CF-L2, 2015


Dane Gifford, PTA
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