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Anthony Sargent

Client Care Specialist

Anthony is a Coastal Carolina University alumni with a bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Although Anthony was born in Georgia, his dad’s career in the army has allowed him to experience many other places. Some of these places include Germany, Alaska, South Carolina, and the state of Washington. Despite living in all of these places, he would call South Carolina his home if anyone ever asked him.

Anthony’s passion for fitness and health were first discovered during his senior year at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina. After finding a random passion for running, he was invited by a teacher to join a group of other seniors to start a program named “Chapin Fitness”. This program was created to invite not only students and faculty to pursue a healthy lifestyle, but the community of Chapin as well. While in Chapin Fitness, he and his fellow students trained for, and successfully completed a half marathon, raised money for a paralyzed athlete by hosting a crossfit competition, and ran multiple 5ks.

Anthony’s passion for fitness soared once he went to college. He knew he enjoyed fitness, but didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do after college. That answer came to him during his internship his senior year at a gym named Fit4Everyone. This gym was different from most gyms in that every member’s workout program was individualized to them. His role was to help create programs, as well as guide the members safely and effectively through their program. After seeing the progress from his clients and their returning smiling faces, Anthony realized his passion for physical therapy!

Anthony is excited to be here with us at Made2Move, ready to greet anyone who comes to see us with a smile!


Anthony Sargent
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