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Intro to Strength Training for Yoga

Saturday, October 28 | 12pm
Ethos Athletic Club
75 minute Specialty Workshop | $25

Join Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga Instructor Rachel Heller for a 75 minute specialty workshop to learn how to use strength training to improve your yoga practice. 

No previous strength training experience required - we'll teach you everything you need to know to build strength, stability, and endurance that benefits you on the mat.

Expect to dive into common poses, learn what muscles are involved in each, and practice strength building exercises to target those specific muscles and poses. We'll also progress to more challenging poses, like inversions and crow pose.

You'll get hands on feedback, individualized instruction, and you'll learn what exercises to incorporate into your routine to enhance your yoga practice, while helping you prevent injuries and build overall strength!

Benefits of Strength Training for Yogi's: 

  • enhanced stability and balance

  • improved core strength

  • increased flexibility and mobility  

  • improved endurance and breath control

  • Injury prevention

  • building strength for advanced poses

  • mind body connection

  • ability to perform advanced poses



No previous strength training experience required!

*you do not have to be a member at EAC to sign up!

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