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Soccer Strength Camp

Injury Risk Reduction

Female soccer players have a high risk of injuries, especially ACL tears. One of the biggest risk factors for injury is lack of strength and neuromuscular control. 

Our soccer strength camp is designed for female athletes to build strength, increase confidence on and off the field, improve performance, and decrease injury risk.

This program takes place at both our ACL Performance Lab in Mt. Pleasant and at our clinic in Summerville.


Sign ups are closed for our spring season camps.

 If you're interested in joining us for our Summer 2023 Camp, fill out this form and we'll keep you in the loop with camp details.

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While not every injury can be prevented, research supports the use of injury risk reduction programs, especially for non-contact ACL injuries, which account for approximately 80% of ACL tears.


These types of programs have been shown to reduce the likelihood of injury by at least 50%.

Our program is led by Doctors of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers.

Together, we can build stronger, resilient, and more durable female athletes.

Get the care you deserve.

Do you have questions about our ACL rehab program or want to see our facility?

Schedule a Free 45 Minute ACL Rehab Consult:

Let's get you back to doing what you love!

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