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Are you experiencing…

  • Pain that is limiting your activities and affecting your daily life?
  • Avoidance of activities due to fear of injury or "making it worse"?
  • Frustrated because your not getting answers on how get better?

If so, what if you had a physical therapist focused only on you to get you feeling better?

Made 2 Move knows your pain and our ONLY focus is to put you on the path to recovery through cutting edge rehabilitative, strength, and conditioning techniques.

We invite you to visit or call us. We'd be happy to speak with you and get to know you and your story.

What Common Concerns Do We Address?

Whether you’re a high performance athlete or a grandparent that’s struggling to keep up with the grandkids, Made 2 Move provides personalized care plans to give you the tools to meet your goals so you can continue on your life’s journey with ease. Don’t be limited by pain or dysfunction! Tackle your problems and get real answers!

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Is too much sitting at the desk affecting your daily life?

Have been advised to stop running, lifting weights or exercising?

Is healthy living important to you for lifelong mobility?

Are you trying to keep a body while competing with time and age?

Has it been some time since you got professional training or physical fitness expertise?

Have you been to other healthcare professionals who don’t understand your needs as an athlete?

Does your body hurt throughout the day but you just deal with it because life’s demands are too much?

Have you tried other solutions to remedy your pain with little results?

Made 2 Move Takes a “Whole You Approach” in Our Client Care

Rehab & Recovery

  • Full Body Evaluations & Assessments
  • Personalized Physical Therapy Treatments
  • Recovery & Pain Management
  • Evidence Based Medicine

Proactive Care

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Patient-specific stretching & Mobility
  • Health & Wellness
  • Nutritional and Health Educational tools

Improved Performance

  • Mobility & Fitness Training
  • Athletic performance in a medical model
  • Knowledge-Based Resources & Information
  • Custom Training Plans
  • Sport Specific programs

It’s time to get your body back to where you know it can be! Let us guide you through the process!

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