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S3E51: Dr. Cici Carter - Functional FreshMed

About This Podcast

On today’s show we have Dr. Cici Carter, owner FreshMed. Cici was unsatisfied with traditional / conventional care and wanted to better help people live their healthiest lives - so she created Freshmed! Freshmed is a virtual functional medicine practice in SC and Functional medicine places an emphasis on using a whole body, systems approach to find the root cause instead of masking symptoms Freshmed focuses on lifestyle changes - nutrition, sleep, stress, an exercise, with appropriate supplements to optimize your health. Cici tells us her story and what drew her to functional medicine. We talk about her ah-ha moment and what the process is like to work with her. If you’re looking to figure out the root cause of your symptoms and improve long term, schedule a consult with Dr. Cici! @freshmedsc

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