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S3E48: Emily Darr - Treating the Human, Not the Pain

About This Podcast

Emily Darr, an interventional orthopedist and rehab doctorIn this episode, Emily and Hannah talk about the current state of our healthcare system and how we got to the brokenness that we’re at today - and what things we need to be doing differently to help our patients. Emily believes in looking at the patient as a human rather than just treating pain and feels that taking the time to talk to patients, listening to their story, and getting to know them on a deeper level is always the right thing to do in healthcare. Some hot topics of today: - Injections- Lifestyle/functional medicine - Regenerative medicine- Pros and cons of steroid shotsEmily is passionate about restoring real function for her patients and finding the root cause of the issue. @healthycharleston @made2movept

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