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S3E32: Made 2 Move - Why Moving Matters

About This Podcast

Another Made 2 Move Team Episode:

- Latest events, what we’ve been up to, and where to find us this month

- Clinical Discussions and Patient Stories

- Shifting Perspectives

- How to Build Positive Movement Experiences

- The Power of Self Efficacy

- Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

- How NOT to live a convenient life

- Changing the goal of PT

- Does moving “well” even matter?

- Physics vs Nocebos

- Performance Vs Injury Risk Huge shout out to Team Rhapsody

- Cristian Mathes, Jared Shaw, Owen Bernstein, and Stephanie Rodriguez who are competing in the CrossFit semi finals the weekend of June 18, and another shout out to Jayson Hopper and his coach Jared Shaw - if you’re into CrossFit and watched the Mid-Atlantic semi finals, you saw Jayson dominate. Congrats everyone!


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