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S3E29: Hannah Ruth - Burn By Han

About This Podcast

On today’s show I sat down with Hannah Ruth, owner of Burn By Han. Hannah runs an online coaching business to help women achieve food freedom, meet their goals, and build confidence In and out of the gym. Hannah just fully transitioned from in person to all online, and now she’s able to not only give her clients more of her time, but give more time to herself.

We talk a lot about how we often get into this business - fitness, healthcare, wellness, etc - to help others improve their relationships, mental health, and sleep, but so often we (trainers, clinicians, etc) lose sight of our own non-negotiables while devoting our time to others.

- Setting boundaries and non-negotiables

- Remembering your WHY

- Creating a community online

- Coaches need coaches

- Impact of online coaching vs in person- personal training

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