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S3E28: Coach D - Resilience and Motivation

About This Podcast

On today’s episode we travel to the Citadel to chat with Coach D - Donnell Boucher - the Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Strength and Conditioning, and Military Liaison at the Citadel.

Coach D wears a lot of hats and currently has his hand in tactical strength and conditioning and research.

We talk about his story, the moment he knew this was going to be his thing, what being a strength coach really means, what he hopes to change in the S&C field, and how his training has changed.

While some may be hoping for a lighter load, Coach D believes that we should be building ourselves to be stronger to carry that load.

How does Coach D create an environment of discipline and motivation? His answer may surprise you.

Coach D views everyday as an opportunity to improve someone else life and says the easiest part of his job is figuring out how to improve someone’s back squat and 40 yard dash. Turns out, getting athletes stronger and faster is just where Coach D’s work begins.


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