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S3E27: Anna Gallup - Motion in Motherhood

About This Podcast

On today’s episode we have Anna Gallup, OT, owner of Motion in Motherhood, and certified breast feeding specialist.

Motion in Motherhood is a holistic prenatal and postpartum service for expectant and new moms. As an OT doing early intervention work, Anna was in her patient’s homes, realizing that moms were overwhelmed, burnt out, anxious, and lacking support.

With a passion in women’s health, Anna dreamed together her perfect career, thinking she’d create it in a few years. Once COVD hit and she had time on her hands, she got to work.

In this episode we discuss:

- Postpartum depression and anxiety

- How to manage exhaustion postpartum

- Goal setting

- Coaching for moms

- Maternal mental health

- Stress management

- Self care for moms

- Cultural/societal differences in labor/delivery

- Starting your own business


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