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S3E26: Emily Werner - Clinical Nutritionist

About This Podcast

Meet Emily, the owner and founder of Emily Werner Nutrition. Emily is a clinical nutritionist and discovered her passion for nutrition after watching her own husband turn his life around. Emily wants everyone to have the knowledge and power to change and thrive!

Emily focuses on functional medicine with the prevention and management of disease. Emily worked in online advertising for most of her career, but an anxiety attack made her reassess and take a 180 to pursue her passion. In this episode we discuss -

- Why restaurant food makes you bloated (this isn’t normal!)

- Small sustainable steps over time

- Metabolic Syndrome

- How many vegetables you should actually be eating

- Meal planning VS meal plans

- The 3pm brain fog crash

- Food as fuel vs calories to burn

- Career changes and cognitive dissonance

Become the best version of yourself today!


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