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S3E10: Becky Wollenberg - Snap Fitness

About This Podcast

Welcome back to the Healthy Charleston Podcast, and hello 2021! We are glad to have you back! This week, I am joined by Becky Wollenberg, co-owner of Snap Fitness. Becky is an amazing person that really has her stuff together and she is definitely focused on the right things to make her and her team successful.

We dive into strength training, mindsets, mental health, communication styles, and the whole fear that some women have of getting too 'bulky'. As always, we hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to all of the amazing guests and conversation 2021 will bring us! Thanks for listening!

Reach out to Becky:

Via Instagram: @snapfitness_mtpleasant

Via Facebook Page: Snap Fitness Charleston, SC

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