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The Healthy Charleston Podcast

This is The Healthy Charleston podcast, where our mission to show you the body's strength and resilience. Hosted by Yves Gege a physical therapist and owner of Made 2 Move. Modern Medicine has failed us! We are no longer thriving! Our focus is a grassroots movement where education and movement are the first line of defense in treating the body of disease and disability.



S2E118 | Meet Dr. Jana UpShaw, Sports Med Doc, Pediatric Specialist, and Tennis Expert

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Healthy Charleston Podcast!  This was another fun one for us as we had a chance to sit down with Dr. Jana Upshaw!  Dr. Upshaw graduated from the Emory University School of Medicine in 1995. She works in Mount Pleasant, SC and 4 other locations and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Upshaw is affiliated with Medical University Of South Carolina.

We dive into how Dr. Jana got into Healthcare, non-operative sports medicine, the biggest reasons of stress manifesting in kids, concussions, and much more!  Dr. Jana was amazing to get to chat with and we think you will enjoy what she has to say on this episode!  Thanks for much for tuning in, and we will catch you next time!

Reach out to Dr. Jana Upshaw:

Via website: http://www.winninghealth.md/olympian-doctor


S2E117 | Meet Jennifer Bellini of Moving Forward Health & Wellness

Welcome back to the podcast, everyone!  We are looking forward to sharing Jennifer Bellini's story with you all today.  Jennifer is the founder of Moving Forward Health & Wellness here in Charleston.  Jen and I talk about her journey with health & wellness and how she's found her passion through meditation, mental health, mindset, self-care, and what that really means.

Inspired to teach other women how to unearth and become their best selves, Jen obtained my Wellness Coach Training & Certification through the International Associates for Wellness Professionals (IAWP) and continued her formal education in holistic health and healing by way of the CORE Coaching Method (CCM). In 2018, Jen became a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and member of the Rhapsody Brain Trust.

Reach out to Jen:

Via Instagram: @movingforward_jb

Via website: https://www.movingforwardhealthandwellness.com/


S2E116 | Nate and Hannah Ep.1: PT School, The Infamous Bosu Ball, and Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carries

What's up, everyone?  This week, we are excited to start a new series for you all called 'Nate and Hannah' where we will be discussing different topics related to health, wellness, and fitness.  I am usually asking Nate a lot of questions and we end up having some very great conversations.  We thought this would be a cool way to share this information with both our patients and other physical therapists or students.

This week, we will be talking about whether or not you should go to PT school, the Bosu Ball, the bottoms-up kettle bell carry, and ring planks.  We also take a dive into back pain and rounding your back.

If there is anything specific you would like us to cover or if you have any specific questions, please feel free to DM us!  We hope you enjoy our discussion today and we look forward to bringing you more of these in the near future!

Reach out to us at Made 2 Move PT:

Via Instagram: @made2movept @hannahbreal_dpt @natejones9000

Via website: https://www.made2movept.com/


S2E115 | Meet Tyler Newton of New10 Fitness

What is up, Charleston?  Today, we are excited to be joined by Tyler Newton of New10 Fitness located right here in Charleston.  Tyler is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who has a passion for helping others.  We sat down and talked about his goals, his vision, how he adapted during the current pandemic.

We also get into how he went from having a business degree and doing sales at Verizon to owning his own fitness business.  We take a deep-dive into nutrition, calories, diets, and the importance of your mindset.  Tyler had a lot of great things to say about coaching and just life in general.  We were able to learn a lot from Tyler in this episode and we think you will too!

Reach out to Tyler:

Via Instagram: new10_fitness


S2E114 | Meet Hannah Breal, PT, DPT

This week's episode is a little bit different as we had our very own Dr. Matt Shiver take over the podcast to interview Hannah Breal.  They get into how Hannah got her start in physical therapy, how she practices PT, and all of the injuries she has experienced.  After listening to today's episode, you will have a much better idea of who Hannah is!  We hope you enjoy!

Hannah's social:

Via Instagram: @hannahbreal_dpt

More about Hannah: http://www.made2movept.com/about-us


S2E113 | Meet Drew Dreiling, the Agape Health Solution

On today's episode, I got to sit down with Drew Dreiling from Agape Health Solution and essentially I got to rant about healthcare reform and holistic medicine so this was a great one for me!  Drew is super passionate about integrative medicine and it was super cool hearing about his story, his beliefs, and his whole approach.

A relentless researcher and writer, Drew published his first book in 2018. His latest book, The Dreiling Health Resource, 2nd Edition is a 400+ page compendium of essential, easy-to-understand health information (now available online through Amazon).  Drew has a very cool outlook on health and taking control and viewing things as an opportunity.  If you share the same opinions, you'll probably get super fired up for this one!

Reach out to Drew:

Via Instagram: @agapehealthsolution

Via website:  https://www.agapehealthsolution.com/


S2E112 | Meet Kristine Neal - We Are Sharing Hope SC

We Are Sharing Hope SC Mission Statement:

Together we inspire our community, offer hope and change lives through the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation

On this week's episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we are joined by Kristine Neal who is the director of communications for We Are Sharing Hope SC.  We Are Sharing Hope is South Carolina's organ and tissue recovery service organization.  A lot of us already know about organ and tissue donation from years of watching Grey's Anatomy!  We've all heard a few myths about being an organ donor, like on your driver's license and Kristine is here to tell us the truth about all of these things that have to do with organ and tissue donation.  She also answers a few of my weird questions!  We hope you enjoy this episode!

Reach out to Kristine and We Are Sharing Hope SC:

Via website: https://sharinghopesc.org/

Via Instagram: @sharinghopesc



S2E111 | Meet Beth Cosi - Yoga Teacher, Hop-Head, and Innovator

On this week's episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we get to have a chat with Beth Cosi who is the founder of Bendy Brewski yoga.  Bendy Brewski Yoga offers a welcoming vibe for all yoga levels, men, women and children.  It is a great way to get in your exercise and make new friends too!

Beth is a prime example of someone who has had to fully adapt to the current situation that we're in and she's making the absolute best of it!  She completely changed her model and she is so excited about it.  We dive into how she founded Bendy Brewski yoga, her journey along the way, and what deal she is offering for new members on this episode!  We hope you can take a listen to find out what that is!

Reach out to Beth:

Via Instagram: @bethcosi

Via website: https://www.bethcosi.com/bendybrewski/


S2E110 | Meet Joanna Gable, The Bees Knees Massage Therapist

On this week's edition of the Healthy Charleston Podcast, Dane Gifford and I were fortunate enough to be joined by Joanna Gable, owner of The Bees Knees Massage Therapist clinic. When she graduated from High School, Joanna was encouraged to become a Massage Therapist but at the time had no interest. After five interesting college years studying Women's Ministries in Greenville, SC, she then taught in Seoul South Korea for three years.

Licensed since 2011 and having worked in a variety of settings ranging from the medical to the spa, Joanna began working out of her home in 2015 shortly after moving to South Carolina. While proficient in many modalities, she specializes in massage that takes care of your day-to-day living. She is also a certified Integrative Reflexologist and certified Sacrologist.
Joanna strongly believes that pain is not a lifestyle and we think you will know what she means after giving this episode a listen!  As always, thanks for tuning in and don't forget to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes!
Reach out to Joanna:
Via website: https://beeskneescharleston.com/
Via telephone: (843) 608-8791


S2E109 | Meet Chad Reese

Today's guest, Chad Reese, is the manager of the F45 affiliate in Mount Pleasant and today he sat down with us to share is amazing story!  His story was completely unexpected and you would have never guessed what he has been through and it was super cool to be able to talk to him about it.

Chad has put a lot of pressure on himself to compete and perform and he had to go through a lot of scary things along the way.  His life completely changed during his freshman year of college and you will get to hear exactly what that change was on today's episode!


S2E108 | Meet Dr. Jay DeMarco

Welcome back, everyone!  For this week's episode, we are joined by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jay DeMarco.  Dr. Jay is a family man, Spikeball champion, and just an all-around great guy.  We dig into his recent Spikeball training, his take on the opioid epidemic, and the Ted Talk he gave in 2019 on breaking the cycle of opioid addiction from start to finish.

Dr. Jay practices with an integrative approach to medicine and we really go in depth with this.  This was a very informative episode with Dr. Jay and we can't wait for you to hear it!  Thanks for listening!


S2E107 | Meet Coach Tim - Trainer, Speaker, Educator

Today's episode with Coach Tim was a blast!  Tim is a very successful personal trainer here in Charleston.  We dive into all of his stories about what led him to where he is, his experiences, his background, and also a few embarrassing stories along the way!  These stories alone make today's episode worth listening to.

Tim runs his business purely on word of mouth referrals and we hope you can check him out some time!  We hope you enjoy this episode with Tim and thank you for listening.

Reach out to Tim:

Via Instagram: @fitlifestylecoach


S2E106 | Meet Dr. Robert Schoderbek

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Healthy Charleston Podcast!  We are super excited to have on Dr. Robert Schoderbek who is a sports medicine doctor in Charleston.  Dr. Schoderbek has an extensive background and experience with some very big name football teams!  You will learn a lot from our conversation with Dr. Schoderbek today.

He is very passionate about what he does and he is heavily involved with the local high school teams as well.  It was very cool to hear how he has helped transform the community here in Charleston.  This episode took place during the COVID-19 Pandemic and he was so excited to see all of our weights in the gym that he couldn't resist going over to them and ripping some bicep curls!  We had a great time with Dr. Schoderbek and we can't wait for you to hear what he has to say today.  Thank you for listening to the Healthy Charleston Podcast!


S2E105 | Dr. Nate Talks Low Back Pain

Today, we have another great episode brought to you by our very own Dr. Nate Jones!  Dr. Nate is talking about several different topics today regarding low back pain and we think it will be extremely useful to you.  Dr. Nate gets into how low back pain is the single largest cause of disability in the world and why this is.  What research has found over time is that the Western World does not have the most prevalent back pain unlike what most would think.  Sitting down in chairs doesn't necessarily produce the highest incidence of low back pain.  There are other factors that make this disability so much more complicated and Dr. Nate takes a deep dive on this topic for us today!  We hope you enjoy and thank you so much for listening to this week's episode!

Experiencing low back pain yourself?  Reach out to us at Made 2 Move PT:

Via website: https://www.made2movept.com/


S2E104 | Meet Sarah Pallanck, Lifestyle & Fitness Expert

Today’s episode features personal trainer, Sarah Pallanck.  This was a fun one.  Sarah is super passionate about working with senior athletes and we dive into that a bit today. 

We cover the current global pandemic, important topics pertaining to what kind of training that you need to be doing to be healthy for the rest of your life, and we also go off on a tangent about zoom calls! 

This podcast is about health & wellness and I don’t think you will be disappointed after listening to what Sarah has to say on today’s episode!

Reach out to Sarah:

Via Instagram: @sarahpallanck


S2E103 | Meet Lee Davis - 16 Murph's In 24 Hours

This week was a fun one as we had Lee Davis join the team here at Made 2 Move to discuss all things Murph.  Lee is famously known for competing the Murph workout 16 times in 24 hours.  The CrossFit Murph workout itself consists of a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run, all done consecutively. The most challenging part of the Murph WOD is the sheer volume and length of the workout.

By doing this workout 16 times within 24 hours, Lee broke a world record!  We get into the details about his training beforehand, his mindset, nutrition, and his goals for the future.  Lee has a very cool outlook on life and he is a very inspiring person.  It was great to get to talk with such a humble person and to get to hear about everything that went into his training.  We hope you enjoy!

Reach out to Lee:

Via Instagram: @ldavis3b8

Via Facebook: www.facebook.com/leeharrison


S2E102 | Meet Eliot McPherson - Rhapsody CrossFit's On-Staff Nutritionist

In today's episode, I am super excited to have been able to chat with my good friend, Eliot McPherson.  Eliot has started a new role at Rhapsody Crossfit as their new on-staff nutritionist.  Eliot has been a coach, personal trainer, and a nutritionist in the Charleston area for a couple of years now and he's starting to expand his reach.

Eliot's knowledge of all things macros, calories, and nutrition is what makes this episode one you will not want to miss!  Eliot is going to be a great resource for the team at Rhapsody Crossfit and I can't wait to see the effects he has for the athletes there.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, or improve performance, Eliot will have you covered.

Reach out to Eliot:

Via Instagram: @eliotbm7


S2E101 | Returning to Gym 101

What’s up, everyone?  Today’s episode features the team here at Made 2 Move PT and we are discussing a very important topic and that is returning to the gym.  It has been a long 8 weeks or so with everyone staying away from their gyms and exercise so we felt compelled to give you guys the best information possible on how to approach this without hurting ourselves.  Those barbells and weights are going to feel a little heavier!

Some of us have maintained our cardiovascular fitness, some of us better than others.  We think everyone should be highly aware of what you could be at risk for as you jump back into your normal training routine and volume. 

If you feel aches and pains that don’t see normal, feel free to jump on a free phone call with us!  Be smart about how you progress and how much load you are actually doing.  Get back out there and crush your goals!

Reach out to Made 2 Move Physical Therapy:

Via Instagram: @made2movept

Via website: www.made2movept.com

Via phone: (843) 640-5244


S2E100 | Dr. Stewart Sanford, ER Doc

I am excited to announce that we are bringing on Hannah Breal to co-host the podcast!  Hannah is a soon-to-be physical therapist.  Once she becomes licensed, she will be joining the Made 2 Move team and we couldn’t be more excited to have her!  

Today, we have on Dr. Stewart Sanford.  Dr. Sanford is an emergency room physician here in Charleston.  Stewart gives us some really cool insights as to what is going on in the medical world, what’s going on with physicians nowadays, and how they can broaden their scope of practice.  Stewart is an avid cross-fitter and just an all around awesome guy.  We are excited for you to hear what it’s like day to day for an emergency room physician!  

Reach out to Dr. Stew:

Via Instagram: @sosanford


S2EP99 | Meet Chris Farley, World's Okayest Athlete

Welcome back, everyone.  We hope you are doing well during these wild times amid the Coronavirus.  Today’s interview with Chris took place during the pandemic so we get into that a little bit.  I will say Chris has one of the best instagram handles I have ever seen!  His handle is “@worldsokayestathlete”!  Haha! 

It was very cool to have someone come in during this time and be very transparent about their training, the ups and downs, and how they are figuring everything out.  Very interesting stuff.

Chris is trying to run six different marathons and he is one deep so far!  We get into how to continue to train and stay healthy.  If you are a runner, you are going to love this episode! 

Reach out to Chris:

Via Instagram: @worldsokayestathlete


S2EP98 | Made 2 Move Talks Pain Free Running

What is up, everyone?  Glad you can take the time to listen to the episode we have for you today!  Today we have the entire Made 2 Move team here to discuss everything to do with running.  We discuss how to stay pain-free as a runner, why runners get injured, and really just take a deep dive into the medical research behind running.  We get into some real life experiences, and some of the things we see with our patients. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we know some of you are out running more and I think you would get a lot out of listening to what our team has to say on this episode!

Our 5 Guidelines to Pain Free Running:


S2E97 | Meet Angi and Sarah, the She Tris

Today, Hannah and I were lucky enough to have Angi and Sarah of She Tris.  What is She Tris?   The mission of She Tris is to create a welcoming and supportive triathlon environment for women and girls who want to complete a triathlon, regardless of their level of experience. By tackling the challenge of triathlon, we believe our participants will feel empowered to take on other challenges in life, be it personal or professional, and that the impact of She Tris will reach beyond the finish line into the lives of these women and those they influence along the way.

We loved having them on to hear their journey and how their passion for triathlons led to what they have today.  They are also hosting a quarantine challenge that begins April 27th.  This was a great conversation and we hope you enjoy today's episode wherever you are listening from!

Reach out to She Tris:

Via website: https://shetris.com

Via Instagram: @shetrissprint


S2E96 | Meet Dr. Haro and Nicole Fava Orthopedic Specialists

What is up, everyone?  Glad to have you joining us again today on the podcast!  I am joined today by our favorite special guest host, Dane Gifford, and we are talking with Dr. Haro and Nicole Fava of the Southeastern Spine Institute.  They are both specialists in the orthopedic world and drop a whole bunch of interesting nuggets in today's episode.

Nicole works with Dr. Haro as a physician assistant and previously worked in Asheville, NC in the same role.  Nicole was an athletic trainer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prior to becoming a PA.

Dr. Haro brings a wealth of knowledge to the orthopedic world having spent time working with the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bulls, Purdue University, Wabash College, among others.

We have an awesome conversation today and as always we enjoy having Dane jump in the conversation with us!  Enjoy!

Reach out to Dr. Haro & Nicole Fava:

Via website: https://www.charlestonshoulderandknee.com/

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarcHaroMD



S2E95 | Made 2 Move Talks Muscle Growth

Why muscles? If you're not a lifter, body-builder, or an elite level athlete, why do you think there is a need to develop muscles? Well, this is the topic that our team at Made 2 Move PT gets into today! Maybe you're a parent that doesn't want to throw their back out while playing in the yard with their kids? That's easier said than done for some of us! Maybe you're a dancer that needs to be more resilient when dealing with some of the stress dancing can put on one's body. The point here is that we should all desire to have better muscle development. If you're strong, then you increase tendon strength, ligament strength, and also bone strength. Less injuries equals more time doing the things you love! This was a fun group discussion and the topic is very straightforward. I hope you guys enjoy this one. We did!

Go check out our free download for body weight training created by our very own Nate Jones below!



S2E94 | Meet Brandon Fowler of Duff Training

What is up, Charleston? Welcome back to another edition of the Healthy Charleston Podcast. I can genuinely say that today's conversation will not disappoint you. We tend to go off on several tangents and bounce all over the place, but I can almost guarantee you will get something out of this podcast.


I am joined by Brandon Fowler of Duff Training today. Brandon is a personal trainer who is also going to school for dietetics to add more tools to his toolbox. Brandon's love for fitness and nutrition began when he read Bruce Lee's 'The Art of Expressing the Human Body".


In 2012, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the College of Charleston. In college, Brandon spent three years working as part of the Sport’s Performance/Strength department with swimming, baseball, dance, and volleyball. He is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer through the NSCA.



Reach out to Brandon:

Via website: http://dufftraining.com/

Via Instagram: duff_training


S2E93 | Meet Adam from I Got Legs

Today, we had a blast talking with Adam from I Got Legs! Adam is extremely modest, but he has gotten a ton of national & international social media exposure.

Adam has a full spinal cord injury and completed the Charleston Marathon! That is impressive, and hopefully, by the time you listen to his podcast, he will have an actual Guinness book world record for completing that marathon.

Adam has an amazing story and he is on an amazing mission! You will enjoy listening to this one!

Reach out to Adam:
Via website: https://igotlegs.org/
Via Instagram: @i_got_legs
Via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zsGRZ4ebwUyZbVaTJ0jfw


S2E92 | Meet Courtney and Maggie from Iron Wolf Recovery

If you or someone you know has ever dealt with addiction or is in some sort of recovery process, then this is the podcast for you.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to have known someone close that has dealt with something like this.  Both Maggie and Courtney of Iron Wolf Recovery share their powerful stories with us today and their visions that I think will make a huge impact on our community.

At Iron Wolf Recovery, they are on a mission to helping people cultivate a lifestyle that is nurturing to an individuals' recovery.  The IRW model is based on a mixture of personal experience and scientific evidence. Not only has physical activity been shown to be effective in supporting mental health and recovery, exercise as means to reduce the vulnerability to return to use has a scientific backing.  Physical activity has been shown to help to restore some of the chemical imbalances created by chronic drug and alcohol use.

Maggie and Courtney are two inspiring people and I think you will really enjoy their amazing perspectives on today's episode!  Check them out!


Reach out to Iron Wolf Recovery:

Via website: https://ironwolfrecovery.org/

Via Instagram: @ironwolfrecovery

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Iron-Wolf-Recovery-CHS-104997710884160/



S2E91 | Meet Erin Beck - It's Your Story

What's up, Charleston?  Dane here with the Healthy Charleston Podcast and I am delighted today to be joined by Erin Beck!  Erin is a retired professional skier, publicist, and marketing extraordinaire.  We dive into many things including her background, growing up in Vail, Colorado, and how she came to start her company, It's Your Story.

Now why would the Healthy Charleston Podcast have a marketing specialist on as a guest?  We think Erin and her marketing expertise have a lot to offer the Charleston fitness community and what direction she sees it heading to.  I think you're going to like what she has to say with this!

After living in New York, traveling the world and immersing herself in the world of marketing & public relations, Erin took some time off, reevaluated, and ended up in Charleston.

Erin shares her passion and conviction for what it takes to not only be a healthy athlete, but also an overall healthy individual.  We couldn't be happier that Erin took the time to join us on the podcast today and we are so glad that she decided to settle here in Charleston!

Reach out to Erin:

Via website:





S2E90 | Meet Island Coastal Lager

What's up everybody? This is Yves with the Healthy Charleston Podcast and we got a little something different for you today! We have Scott with Island Coastal Lager. Now this is exactly what you think it is. This is a beer company, but they're doing things just a little bit different. They've got some pretty socially conscious ideas of how they make their products, what ingredients that they use, and honestly opened my eyes to things I've never even thought about and things that I didn't even know about so this is a good one. Scott does an amazing job. He is the owner and this one was a lot of fun, so we'll get right to it. This is Scott with Island coastal lager.

Check out Island Coastal Lager:

Via website: islandcoastallager.com/

Via Instagram: @islandcoastallager

Via Facebook: 



S2E89 | Meet Sylvia Darby, Owner of Foundation FIT, Home of CrossFit Wando

What's up, everybody?  Welcome back to another episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast. Today's episode features Sylvia from Foundation Fit in CrossFit Wando. This was a really, really fun conversation. We go off to some business stuff, we go off and discuss some psychology stuff.  We also discuss business ownership.  

Sylvia has a strong passion for taking ownership of your own health. It was really one of the most fun conversations I've had doing a lot of stuff that I'm really interested in. So I hope you guys enjoy it.  I highly recommend you guys reach out to Sylvia and Crossfit Wando if you're in her area!

“What drives me to wake up every day is unconditional love for two little boys that have forever changed my life, and a solid commitment to a future with an amazing husband that has been beside me through the good, the bad and the often ugly of creating a business and family at the same time,” she says. “This 7,000-square-foot facility has been a labor of love and holds an incredibly dedicated and talented group of coaches as well as a community of amazing athletes, all of which I am beyond blessed to call my family.”

Reach out to Sylvia:

Via website: https://ffitonline.com/


S2E88 | Meet Don and Kathleen: Eat, Love, Triathlon

Today's interview was a lot of fun!  Don and Kathleen are a super passionate couple who share a love for everything fitness, diet, and nutrition.  They truly care about empowering athletes' through education.  They are the founders of Eat Love Triathlon.   Eat Love Triathlon is their blog where they share all of their knowledge for being the best triathlete possible.  Don has an extensive background in Ironman and triathlon competitions and he combines this experience with Kathleen's Dietitian background.  With this, you get an amazing team of two individuals.

We dive into their backgrounds and how they are both from the West Coast but ended up meeting in here in Charleston!

Kathleen is originally a California girl turned faux Southerner when she moved to Charleston South Carolina to complete her dietetic internship just over 15 years ago. Since then, almost her entire career has been focused on clinical nutrition. What exactly does that mean? In her terms, it’s getting patients well enough to be discharged from the hospital just to come back over and over again.

Don is here to guide you on your triathlon training journey and help you conquer not only your mindset but your BIG goals too!

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we did!  Please feel free to leave us a review on iTunes!


S2EP87 | Meet Aislinn Lindsey, RN - Manager & Lead Nurse at Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy

Aislinn Lindsey is the manager and lead nurse at Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy.  We had a phenomenal time with her recording this podcast!  Aislinn is in an interesting role at Restore.  Having a medical background and being the manager is a little bit different from Restore's franchise model but she enjoys the versatility this allows her.

Aislinn is originally from Connecticut and recently moved to Charleston in 2018 with her husband and dogs.  She is certainly enjoying the weather here in the South this time of year!  She previously was a float nurse at a small community hospital, then worked in a trauma unit and began to feel some burnout and felt the need for a career change.

She definitely shares her passion for what she does and she is the definition of how taking a leap of faith in your career can lead to great opportunities.

Aislinn shares the background of Restore and how they began back in Austin, TX.  Restore has grown to 36 locations around the United States and is showing no signs of slowing down!  Services offered include cryotherapy, compression therapy, infrared sauna, micro nutrient testing, stretch base, and much more!  Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Reach out to Aislinn and Restore:





S2EP86 | Youth Athletes: Training Around Injuries

We have another fantastic episode to bring you guys today on the Healthy Charleston Podcast!  The last time Dane, Dr. Matt, and Dr. Nate were together, they dispelled some myths on youth athletes and training.  There was a lot of good nuggets within that episode and we would like to branch off that conversation and discuss injuries youth athletes deal with.

We know that youth athletes are going to have injuries.  There is no way around it.  We dive into the best way to attack recovery, rehab, then progressing back into your sport.

This episode is especially valuable if you are a parent of a youth athlete and you were curious to how your child should progress through an injury and knowing that there is a plan in place for getting your child back to their sport.

Other topics include aerobic conditioning, not just sitting on the couch and playing video games through an injury, getting youth athletes to visualize their sport during an injury, and much more!

We appreciate you taking the time to listen to today's episode and would appreciate it if you could take the time to leave us a review!


S2EP85 | Youth Athletes: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What's up guys, thank you for tuning into another episode of the podcast! Today's episode is more of a freestyle featuring Dr. Nate Jones, PT & Dr. Matt Shiver, PT and yours truly Dane Gifford. We dispel some common myths and answer questions related to youth athletic development.

The most common myth involving youth athletic development is that lifting weights will stunt your growth. There is not a single piece of research or evidence out there that suggests lifting weights will stunt a youth's growth. If there is, we would love to see it! We dispel this myth with evidence of the positives involved with youth weight training and athletic development.
We cover this along with other common misinformation on youth athletic development. We appreciate you guys taking the time to listen to today's episode and would also appreciate if you took the time to leave us a review on iTunes!


S2EP84 | Meet Andrea O'Gorman Spartan Race Competitor

What's up everybody? We've got a great episode for you today! We have Andrea who's in the financial world by day and Spartan race competitor by night. This was such a cool podcast. She found a sport that she loved, that she enjoys, and that pushes her, makes her dig deep, and go to the dark place deep in that well, to really push through and compete at a high level.

Like I said, this one is full of good nuggets. It's honestly a really, really cool story. It's awesome to have somebody in the local Charleston area who competes at this level with these Spartan races. If you don't know what a Spartan race is, you'll understand for sure by the end of the podcast, even ways to kind of train for one yourself and just the benefits of pushing yourself out of that comfort zone and really seeing how deep that well goes.  Enjoy!

Reach out to Andrea:

Via Instagram: @andreaog1311


S2EP83 | Meet Lauren Till with Peloton

For as long as Lauren can remember she has always been into fitness!  She started with being a P.E. teacher at the elementary school level but was always striving to do more within the group fitness industry.  Lauren gives a full rundown of her background and how teaching a Body Pump class at Auburn University has led her down the path of now working with Peloton!


Lauren has taken risks in her career but without risks you may never open up new possibilities for yourself!  Lauren has certainly done this for herself in her career.


Do you have a fear of getting a Peloton and it becoming a place to place your laundry rather than it being the amazing piece of cardio equipment it is?  Well have no fear because Lauren and her Peloton expertise help us get a clear understanding of how the gamification of fitness and more particularly Peloton is helping people change their lives for the better!


Lauren truly represents herself and her passion for health & fitness on today's episode.  She sends a clear message of how little victories in our day to day lives can lead us to an overall improved lifestyle.  Peloton especially does a fantastic job of using it's content and motivating it's users to get over the hurdles of a lack of motivation!


If you enjoy this episode we would really appreciate it if you took some time to leave us a review!  We appreciate you listening!


Reach out to Lauren:

via Instagram: @lttakespix

via website: https://www.onepeloton.com/showrooms/us_sc_mountpleasant


EP82 | Tracey Manasco Pelvic PT Specializing in Endometriosis

We have a lot of interesting things to dig into on today's episode with @theelevatedpt but the main focus is centered around endometriosis.  I am willing to bet most of you have probably never heard of it!!!


Tracey brings a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience to this diagnosis.


Tracey shares symptoms to look for with this diagnosis and the various methods of treating it.


T.V. dinners?  Do they still exist? LOL, We get into this as well as how nutrition affects endometriosis, autoimmune diseases and inflammation.


Tracey is awesome and it is very apparent what she is passionate about in and you will certainly hear that after listening to this episode.


If you enjoy this episode we would really appreciate it if you took some time to leave us a review!  We appreciate you listening!


Reach out to Tracey:

Via website:


Via Instagram:



EP81 | Aaron Embry - Physical Therapist, SCAPTA President, Clinic Researcher

I am very much looking forward to bringing you another episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast today.  I was fortunate enough to be joined by Aaron Embry.  Aaron is involved in research, treating patients as a physical therapist, and also serves as the SCAPTA president.  We discuss some very cool ideas and concepts on how physical therapy can have an impact on our community and what the future of the profession is.

The biggest takeaway from today's episode for me was a question Aaron asked regarding what kind of impact a podcast or practice like ours can have on a community like Charleston.  This was a very mind-opening moment for me and I hope it is for you as well.  Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • What led Aaron to the political side of physical therapy
  • A rundown of bio-mechanics from Aaron
  • Does physical therapy have a unified definition?
  • Never taking away your love for taking care of the individual
  • Exploring the growth of the physical therapy profession
  • The benefits of being a member of SCAPTA

Reach out to Aaron:

Via website: scapta.org


EP80 | Meet Dr. Russel Daniel, MD

Today, on The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we are joined by guest host, Nate Jones, and we are looking forward to bringing another informative interview with Dr. Russel Daniel.   Dr. Daniel is the owner and medical director of Southcoast Regenerative Medicine. He has practiced medicine for over twenty years and is widely respected by peers both for his knowledge and technical abilities, as well as for his ethical approach to patient care. Many physicians after developing problems, have chosen Dr. Daniel as their physician.

Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Daniel's background and what is regenerative medicine
  • Reasons medical doctors may push back on the use of regenerative medicine
  • What are stem cells and how are they being utilized in medicine
  • alpha-2-Macroglobulin and arthritis... how does it help
  • The future of stem cells and how they are changing modern medicine
  • How Physical Therapy and regenerative medicine can pair together

Reach out to Dr. Daniel:

Via website: www.scregenerative.com/


EP79 | Meet Jan Park With Health Yourself By JP

I am looking forward to bringing you guys another episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast and today we are joined by Jan Park with Health Yourself by JP.  Health Yourself offers online courses & private coaching. With 25 years of combined experience as a Registered Nurse, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Fitness trainer, Corporate Wellness Manager, and mom of 3, Jan Park has helped hundreds of people lose weight and feel their best. Jan has coached a variety of clients including college students, and women  and men of all ages. She has also helped people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes manage their conditions better using these nutritional strategies.  Enjoy!


Topics discussed:

  • Jan's career path and how she moved into preventative care
  • The traditional medical system and it's lack of interventionism
  • Empowering patients to be their own doctors and nurses through proper nutrition
  • How Jan facilitates workplace wellness changes
  • Do companies profit from positive wellness changes
  • Jan breaks down elements of a healthy diet
  • Mistakes made with the fat craze


Reach out to Jan:

Via website: healthyourselfbyjp.com

Via Instagram: health_yourself_byjp

Via Facebook: Health Yourself by JP


EP78 | Meet Dr. Ann Kulze - Physician And Best Selling Author

Meet local celebrity Dr. Ann Kulze. Dr. Ann shares her amazing story of how she started as a primary care physician to expanding into lifestyle medicine, educational products, speaking and more!!! She has an amazing passion for what she does and Dr. Ann brings that passion to our conversation today.  I hope you enjoy!


Topics Covered:

  • Dr. Ann's beginnings and how she got to where she is today
  • Can we reverse diseases with dietary modifications?
  • What barriers are in the way of overall health?
  • The journey of changing your core values and the effects of this
  • Supplementation of your diet.. what's best approach?
  • What does the data say is the best diet(s)?

Reach out to Dr. Ann:

Via website: drannwellness.com

Via Instagram: @drannwellness

Via Facebook: @drannwellness


EP77 | Meet Courtenay Fisher, FNTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Today, we are joined by Courtenay Fisher who is an FNTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner located here in Charleston.  We had an absolute blast during our conversation today and I was fortunate enough to learn quite a bit about nutrient-dense foods, the SAD diet, and many other things involving nutrition.  I got a lot out of this episode and I think you will too.  Enjoy!


Topics Covered:

  • The SAD diet
  • Where to start on changing your nutrition for the better?
  • The individualization of a diet
  • Do we over-complicate our nutrition?
  • Courtenay's take on properly prepared nutrient-dense foods
  • How effective are meal-prep services?
  • Sorting out the research
  • What it is like to be a client of Courtenay's


Reach out to Courtenay:

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CourtenayFisherNTP/



EP76 | Meet Laura Sapper, ATC

Today, I interview Laura Sapper who is an experienced Athletic Trainer here in the Charleston area.  She has had many roles in the world of athletic training and she brings this passion to our conversation today.  Enjoy!


Topics Covered:

  • How Laura discovered her interest in Athletic Training
  • People's perceptions and expectations of going to the Doctor
  • Patients doing too much too soon
  • Gaining patient's trust and creating buy-in
  • Laura's roles at her school and which is most important
  • Where are ATC's best served in the future?
  • What is pushing ATC to broader horizons?


Reach out to Laura:

Via Instagram: @laurasapper1


EP75 | Meet Stevie Sullivan- LPC, MAC, CHC, MED

On Episode 75, I am excited to be joined by Stevie Boynton.  Stevie works on the mental health side of health care which is something that does not get talked about enough.  I was able to ask some very important questions for myself personally along with some questions that pertain to me as a professional.
  • What Stevie does and who she works with
  • How nutrition affects human behavior
  • How to create action around a plan
  • Finding the why and the motivator for people
  • The various methods of therapy Stevie provides based on her clients' needs
  • Helping people reverse engineer their problems
Reach out to Stevie:
Via E-mail: [email protected]
Via Website: 

EP74 | Meet Cal Bauer- Crossfit And Strength Coach

Today on Episode 74, we are lucky enough to be joined by Cal Bauer of Pale Horse Crossfit and Bauer-Bilt Personal Training.  Cal shares his story with us today and the journey that has led him down the path he is on.  Cal is an amazing Crossfit athlete, an amazing coach, and we get into this among many other topics on today's episode.  Enjoy!



Topics Covered:

  • Cal's story and what led him to coaching Crossfit full time
  • How Cal's background helped him transition to Crossfit
  • Cal's experience at Safe Passage Neuromonitoring as a Surgical Neurophysiologist
  • How will today's interest in Strength & Conditioning affect longevity of the human body?
  • What is Cal doing outside of Pale Horse Crossfit?
  • Changes in the Army's physical testing


Reach out to Cal:






EP73 | Meet Dr. Rachel Wurdemann owner of Sanctuary Blue

Today on The Healthy Charleston Podcast we are excited to be joined by Dr. Rachel Wurdemann, owner of Sanctuary Blue. Sanctuary Blue is a center for optimal living located in Daniel Island, SC. Rachel shares her awesome story of what led her down the path to owning her facility alongside her husband, Josh.
Topics Covered:
  • Rachel's background
  • How Rachel's views of health evolved throughout her education
  • Rachel's experience growing up in Minnesota
  • Health down to a cellular level
  • Rachel's ideal client
  • What an initial visit to Sanctuary Blue will look like
  • Expanding your health bandwidth
  • The goals behind Sanctuary Blue and how they chose the name
  • Spitfire Questions

EP72 | Meet Joey Welling From Exemplar Fitness

You will not be disappointed with today's episode as Joey has a fantastic story to share.  We start from when he is folding towels in a gym to having grown his gym memberships by 700%.  We discuss the intangibles of health & fitness and how to live your best life!

Topics Include:

  • Joey's early days of fitness
  • Early lessons learned
  • Joey's path to Exemplar Fitness
  • The evolution of Exemplar Fitness
  • A breakdown of Exemplar's training methodologies and programming
  • Getting clients to come back
  • Not overthinking health & fitness
  • Educating & Empowering
  • How Joey views the meaning of his job


Reach out to Joey & Exemplar Fitness:

Via website: https://www.exemplarfitness.com/

Via Instagram: 



EP71 | Meet Jenny Fisher aka fitfishmom

Today, I had an absolute blast interviewing Jenny Fisher.  Jenny, aka fitfishmom, is an oblique ambassador here in Charleston and provides amazing content via her social media channels.  If you really want to see what Charleston, SC is like while seeing some very cool workouts, I highly recommend you check her out!  I really enjoyed our conversation today and I hope you do as well.


Reach out to Jenny:

Via Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/fitfishmom/about/?ref=page_internal

Via Instagram: @fitfishmom

Topics Covered:

  • Jenny's background and how she began using social media as a vehicle to inspire people
  • What style of workout is Jenny influencing people to do?
  • Jenny's definition of functional fitness
  • Embracing your body
  • Discussion on not over analyzing your diet
  • What kind of feedback does Jenny receive on social media?
  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • Breaking women's' fear of getting too bulky

EP70 | Meet Heather Black- Personal Trainer

I am very excited to be joined by personal trainer Heather Black on today's episode.  Heather is a local personal trainer in Charleston, SC and was recently featured on the cover of Oblique Magazine as the cover model.  She is a mother a four and she shares her amazing knowledge of how to be the best version of yourself.  If you are interested in fitness and health, I think you will really enjoy this episode.


Reach out to Heather:

Via Instagram: @heatherblackfit

Via Website: heatherblackfitness.com


Topics Covered:

  • How Heather got into the fitness business
  • Hitting the reset button
  • What tools does Heather use to help progress her clients?
  • Health Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals and Wellness
  • The shift in Health & Wellness information (and misinformation)
  • Research confirmation bias and how it negatively affects Health & Wellness
  • Heather's definition of a healthy person
  • Dealing with life's curve-balls and being adaptable

EP69 | Meet Courtney Burisch- Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Today we are joined by Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Courtney Burisch.  We had a very great conversation covering nutrition, sleep, and stress management.  I really enjoyed our conversation today and I highly recommend everyone check her out.

Reach out to Courtney:

Via Website: 


Via Instagram: @organic_blondie


Topics Covered:

  • How Courtney's journey as a Lifestyle coach began
  • Assessing your own mindset towards diets and nutrition
  • Getting on the same page as your body and avoiding burnout
  • Addressing the context of your tactics to changing your lifestyle and health
  • There is no one size fits all when it comes to diet and lifestyle
  • If you're not feeling good, something probably needs to change
  • Using others to help you along the way and embracing a sense of community
  • How Courtney defines what a healthy person is
  • Starting with your mindset over specific diets

EP68 | Meet Tom Moriarity- Director of Rehabilitation at East Cooper Medical Center

Today's episode is a little different than my typical podcast.  I am excited to be joined by Tom Moriarity on episode 68 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast.  Tom is the Director of Rehabilitation at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Tom has also been on multiple sides of the coin as a Staff PT, being part of a private clinic, and now in his current corporate role at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center.  We go down some very interesting rabbit holes and I really think you will enjoy his take on things.

Topics Covered:

  • A brief description of Tom's role at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center
  • Tom's background and career path
  • Tom's experience in PT school
  • How has the profession of being a PT evolved?
  • Remembering the Golden Age of being a PT
  • Transitioning to a managerial role at East Cooper and thinking about the collective
  • Where does Tom view the PT profession currently?
  • The importance of people knowing they have choices when seeking care
  • Additions and the future of East Cooper Rehabilitation Center
  • Tom's definition of what makes a healthy person

Reach out to Tom and East Cooper Rehabilitation Center:

Via Website: https://www.eastcoopermedctr.com/



EP67 | Fatigue With Dane Gifford, Nate Jones, And Matt Shiver

On episode 67 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we have three very special guests filling in for me.  They are Dane Gifford, Nate Jones, and Matt Shiver of Made 2 Move Physical Therapy.  They address the challenges of Olympic weightlifting, what it's like to diet as an Olympic lifter, and the many definitions of fatigue and physiological adaptations.


EP66 | Meet Brian Durbin of Synchronicity

On Episode 66 of The Healthy Charleston I am joined by Mental Guru, Brian Durbin, of Synchronicity located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  We have a very informative conversation based around the ideas and practices of his well-being practice.  Feelings of well-being are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life. Past experiences, attitudes and outlook can all impact well-being as can physical or emotional trauma following specific incidents.


Reach out to Brian:

Via Website: https://thesynclife.com/

Via Facebook: 


Via Instagram: 



  • Brian's early years and his involvement with sports
  • How Brian overcame weight struggles and what he practices today to maintain his health
  • Brian discovering his entrepreneurial side
  • The theory behind why Brian and his partners opened the well-being practice, Synchronicity
  • Brian's definition of ones' 'well-being'
  • How a sense of community and relationships play into our well-being and life expectancy
  • Practicing mindfulness at Synchronicity and how this can done similarly to a workout program
  • The pitfalls of habituation
  • Your thoughts and how they affect the recovery of your body
  • Business and Personal development at Synchronicity
  • What is resiliency in the eyes of Brian?

EP65 | Meet Dr. Meg Henderson

On Episode 65 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, I am excited to be joined by Dr. Meg Henderson.  Meg is a post-par-tum physical therapist and we get into how a woman's health can be determined after giving birth to a child. Dr. Meg was kind enough to share her knowledge of this field with us on today's episode.

Reach out to Dr. Meg:

Via Instagram: @4thtrimester.chs

Via Website: 


Topics Discussed:

  • Meg's background and how she chose her career path
  • How Meg handles a full time career along with being a mother
  • Understanding what is actually contributing to post-par-tum depression
  • How a new mother is evaluated 6 to 8 week post par-tum by Dr. Meg
  • Evaluating the pelvic floor
  • Assessing women based on their physical goals and what setting they are in
  • Why getting a post-part-um assessment is necessary even if you're not experiencing symptoms
  • What are some of the symptoms that should warrant a mother to see a post-part-um physical therapist or women's health specialist?
  • What does Dr. Meg believe she is best at?
  • What does Dr. Meg think she struggles at?
  • What does Dr. Meg think think the number 1 thing is for the public to do to maintain their health and fitness?
  • What is the textbook definition of a healthy mother according to Dr. Meg?
  • What would Dr. Meg's walkout song be?

EP64 | Meet Carl Dearing of CDFIT

On episode 64 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast I am pleased to be joined by Carl Dearing of CDFIT.  Carl Dearing's work in functional training and individual program design stems from work as an exercise physiologist in the hospital and physical therapy settings and as a sports performance coach for high school, college, and professional athletes in Philadelphia.  Athletes, top business professionals, and people of all stages of life have chosen Carl and his outlook and insight into the human body to help them achieve peak performance, heightened body awareness, and increased quality of life.

Reach out to Carl:



Via website: 



EP63 | Meet Nicloe Sawyer with Charleston OT

What a great conversation with Nicole Sawyer, ocupational therapist, business owner, and overall awesomeness. Her company works with kids and adults. She loved neuroscience in school, which means she loved working with patients how have nuerologivcal disorders like Parkinson's disease, have suffered a stroke, MS, and everything in between. She began to further her carrer and understanding by taking some continuing education classes and working on intergration of reflexes (what is that you ask? Listen to this episode). These techniques she learned had a tremendous affect on her own health and training so she expanded her practice to start working more with athletes and adults and has had amazing success. This was such a cool conversation and big takeaway is to focus on taking care of yourself and making sure YOU are doing some sort of "self care".  More info:

EP62 | Meet Q from Oblique Magazine

Meet Q from Oblique Magazine! Q has such a cool story and is a big part of Oblique magazine that is changing the fitness game here in Charleston. Oblique magazine has been around for a long time and continues to evolve and push the industry forward. Be sure to check them out and follow them on social media and pickup the magazine locally in many fitness boutiques and gyms in the area!

EP61 | Shana Fitch from Palmetto Tribe

Meet USA Triathlon Elite Youth & Junior  Certified Coach Shana Fitch with Palmetto Tribe! Shana is someone with 2 passions and somehow has merged them together to create something awesome! Can you picture kids racing triathlons and training for endurance events! We can! And We love it! Shana created Palmetto Tribe for exactly that! She wanted to give kids the opportunity to learn and grow through training and teamwork with endurance sports. Her program has made endurance fun for these kids and given them a place to safely push their limits and grow. They have created a "tribe" where the kids learn amazing skills both in training and outside of training...in life! 

Shana ran the 400 and 800 in college at Virginia Tech then eventually found triathlons and get hooked! She loves triathlons and the kids so much! She made the bold decision to leave her digital marketing job and go all in with Palmetto Tribe! The program offers 6 week training programs and they even have a travel team where kids compete and train together!! They are swimming, biking, and running! And throwing in some cross training and life lessons as well!!! 

Shana program is so innovative and impactful. They take on a wide range of things beyond endurance training and trying to make these kids overall beter athletes and frankly, we believe, better humans. 

Website:  https://palmettotribe.com/ 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/palmettotribe/



EP60 | Cam And Corey Of Freshly Fueled

Today we sat down with Cam & Corey of Freshly Fueled Performance Meal Prep.  We talk about each of their journey's and how they ultimately turned their passion for nutrition into a thriving business.  We discuss the importance of educating clients in regards to nutrition as well as how to set yourself up for success when it comes to meeting your goals.  Listen in to find out how Cam went from graduating high school at 16 to leading her college's new lacrosse team to providing nutrition guidance to figure competitors and bodybuilding pros.  Find out how a camping trip with friends turned into a loving marriage.  Make sure you check out Corey as he is leading classes at HYLO in West Ashley.


Learn more:


https://freshlyfueled.com/ (https://freshlyfueled.com/)






EP59 | Dr. Brittany Henderson

Oh Buddy!!! Today was a blast! Dr. Henderson agree on alot of things healthcare related. Dr. Henderson is a endocronlogist who practices in Charleston and focuses on thyroid health. She has an amazing treatment philosophy (and I won't ruin it)But its most likely way different than anything you've heard!!! We both agree that modern medicine relies to much on medication and not on lifestyle changes. We need more conservative approaches. There may be a rant/tangent or two on that topic haha!!! Dr. Henderson really puts some common sense behind thyroid and hormone health. She explains alot of difficult complex topics in very easy to understand common sense way! The thyroid is often misdiagnosed and can really be at the root cause of alot of issues.  She knows so much she wrote a book on it! It's called “What You Must Know About Hashimoto's Disease” and I would highly reccomend you check it out. Find out more:  Clinic website: charlestonthyroidcenter.com/  Personal site:  https://www.drhendersonmd.com/  Facebook: facebook.com/Charleston-Thyroid-Center-302686930517978/ IG: instagram.com/drhendersonmd


EP58 | Meet Fitness Professional Adriaan Zimmerman

Adriaan is a personal trainer with personal performance in Charleston, South Carolina. He developed a keen interest in the body, movement, and strength and conditioning in College. He has some very interesting stories working with Pit Crews while doing an internship with Hendrick Motorsports. You will be surprised to learn the rigorous programs these athletes have to go through to stay healthy and fit for their jobs. They have teams fof fitness and health professionals. This is where Adriaan learned about this collaborative approach to fitness and health. He saw even more while working with UNC Charlotte soccer team. Adriaan also been dealing with a back injury for many years and finally just recently has cracked the code. Adriaan has a real pragmatic approach to training and realizes the training the while person "mind, body, and soul" as he put it is the key to getting results.

Learn more here:Wesbite:  personalperformancechs.com/ IG: instagram.com/personalperformancechs/ Facebook:  facebook.com/personalperformancechs


EP57 | Meet Kyle Frazier with Crossfit James Island

Kyle owns a long standing CrossFit gym in James Island. Kyle has had some amazing coaches and experiences throughout high school and college that has shaped his philosophy and training principles today. He loves his community and calls it a tribe! We go on a lot of different tangents from the changes course of CrossFit, why training at a "globo gym" may not be the best idea, bro-science, and bulking up. Kyle has 3 physicians training at his gym and all 3 have taken the free CF-L1 training course by CrossFit. The current health and fitness trends are pointing in the right direction and he is definitely doing his part!

Where to find out more:

website: crossfitjamesisland.com/

IG: @crossfitjamesisland


Facebook: facebook.com/CrossFitJamesIsland/


EP56 | Angel Roberts With Peace Love Hip Hop

Today, we had way too much fun. Angel Roberts who owns a local Dance Studio in Charleston, SC on Daniel Island joins us to talk about her journey from growing up in her Mom's dance studio, teaching herself most of her dance moves, and spending 13 years in LA!!! This is an episode you don't want to miss. Is there a better expression of health, movement, and Happiness...then Dance? Her passion for her craft and her desire for having an impact on her students is more than evident in this episode. How much better would the world be if we danced more? We say...A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!! Her studio has kids and adult classes. We get to hear about the amazing transformations she gets to witness. They leave class more confident in their own skin, more comfortable on stage, learn new skills and move their body in different ways!!! Spoiler alert...moving your body in different ways- not just squatting, walking, sitting but twisting, jumping landing, turning.....IS REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!!! Get off the elliptical and start Dancing!!! Learn more here:  Website:  peacelovehiphop.com/   IG: @peacelovehiphop


EP55 | Meet Josh Batt Owner of Talem of Summerville

Joshua Batt is a coach and owner of Talem of Summerville. This is a phenomenal gym in the Summerville area that has been there for over 7 years. Josh has a unusual story. He found out he had a passion for helping and motivating people as a soldier in the army! It all started when after finishing his PT tests (running, obstacle courses) he felt compelled to run back and help the one guy who he thought would have the most difficulty passing his test and help him, motivate him to get to that finish line. This is something that grew and he continued during his military career. Eventually he was given the opportunity to own a gym and he ran with it! He loves his job and it shows. He is always learning as an athlete and as a coach. As he progresses his coaching skills he continues to offer more and more to his community and his members.

Find out more about

Josh Website: talemofsummerville.com

IG: @jbatttalem84

Facebook: facebook.com/talemofsummerville


EP54 | Meet Jeremy and Seth Feldman of Frequency Fitness

Meet Jeremy and Seth- 2 brothers with 2 different paths to fitness. They are now both coaching at Frequency Fitness in Mt Pleasant. Jeremy grew up playing multiple sports and started working out like a lot of us by trying to "get big" as a teenager, and ultimately fell into Tae Kwon Do. Jeremy took a leap moved to Charleston and started a kids Tae Kwon Do and gym with a friend. The gym has evolved over the years but has always focused on building confidence, a great community, and amazing client experience.  Then there’s Seth, who took a slightly different path. He decided about 5 years ago while living in DC after realizing he was spending his days making money but spending it all on rent and alcohol that this was not the lifestyle for him. He moves to Charleston joined his brothers gym and transformed his life and his whole identity! Now a self proclaimed fit nerd. He is a CrossFit Coach and is chasing things like a 400 pound deadlift and a faster Murph time. He has an interesting story that he shares. Being a natural introvert his fitness has transformed a lot of things in his life and made things possible that he never though he would do.  This was such a great conversation about making the intentional decision to become healthy and fit. Realizing that it's a long term process that could take years and that at its core you need to build the confidence to get there.


EP53 | Meet Kim Percival - Teacher and Partner to Evolutionary People

Kim leads with thoughtful listening, graceful communication, committed partnership and a genuine curiosity that has her clients see what they cannot and get present to possibility. Partnering with Kim is an intimate, committed and distinct relationship focused on outcomes and performance in your life.

She is considered the most integral member of her clients business and life team.

Her coaching has focused on successful leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them live authentically, gain access to their power and bring themselves to life fully. Above all, Kim’s coaching focuses on results; she is experienced as a partner in creating deep personal growth while generating business, financial and relational expansion.

Before coaching, Kim’s career was as varied as her clients. Her work experience spans start-ups to Fortune 50 organizations with roles in engineering, sales and market development with an MBA from NYU Stern. Her entrepreneurial ventures began when she birthed her first child and claimed the title of ‘mom’ followed closely by her lifestyle photography business.

Currently she runs a high-level, performance & leadership coaching practice out of her home base in the Charleston, SC area.

Kim is a demonstration of devotion to deepening relationships, personal growth and a love of learning. She knows that living this work inside the home, with her two girls and her husband Mark, is the most profound and world-changing impact she can ever make.


EP52 | Meet Dr. Jennifer Pullano- Concierge Family Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Pullano is a local family medicine doctor with a very interesting story. She spent 4 years as a Naval Medical Office here at the Naval Weapons Station where she literally developed the skills to be the swiss army knife of doctors. She was trained in everything from Nuclear Warfare to at sea appendectomy. She leveraged these skills and ultimately opened her own direct primary practice where you pay her directly for her service. She been in doing the direct primary model for over 13 years! She has been doing this before this was thing! This is a doctor with passion and purpose for what she does. We discuss the benefits of the direct pay model. How investing and taking control of yourself is the way to better health and frankly happiness! This was a truly enjoyable episode. Hope you enjoy!

Find out more about Dr. Pullano:



EP51 | Meet Anna and Andrew from Duff Fitness

What happens when a husband and wife tag team create a training studio with personal training and group fitness? Well, I'll spoil it for you...absolute magic. Andrew and Anna love what they do and you can 100% tell in this podcast. They both love fitness, love people, and created a gym where anyone can feel welcome, push their limits and get BIG results.

Andrew is an athletic trainer and personal trainer that uses his athletic training background to create unique personalized workouts and incorporates a more holistic functional model into what he calls "periodization". Now, these are workouts that change a focus every few weeks- focusing on cardio, hypertrophy, strength, etc. Keeping this fun, fresh, and ultimately great results.

Anna loved fitness from an early age, and although didn't play volleyball in college she trained with the team regularly. Anna also has Type 1 Diabetes and is passionate about helping others with Type 1 Diabetes and women feel comfortable, strong, and healthy.

Together they make a great team and have a awesome group of trainers who help them create a awesome gym environment with a mom and pop feel, healthy competition, and absolutely awesome community.

Are you seeing a theme here. If you want to be healthy, happy, and make long lasting changes (true lifestyle changes) find a community that you love being around and challenge yourself regularly.


Check out Duffy's Ultimate Functional Fitness here:





EP50 | Meet Jason Fiutem co-owner of Exemplar Fitness

Episode 50!!!! Today, we meet Jason Fiutem co owner of an amazing gym in James Island.  Jason went from cross country runner to training at the "racket club". He learned alot from the "old guys" at the local gym and this evolved into some high level body building then finally started doing some personal training. He created a name for himself but soon saw the writing on the wall that the fitness industry was changing. So he took a mortgage on the house and built a gym was different. A place more client friendly and a place where trainers could thrive. Exemplar Fitness has been through the recession, multiple fitness trends, and stood the test of time. It has evolved from personal training studio to offer more functional fitness, corrective exercise, and high intensity classes which they call "RUSH". Jason believes in building a place for his clients. A place that is "non-threatening", has pristine bathrooms, and a friendly staff. They have amazing trainers of all types of backgrounds and expertise. Hope you enjoy this episode! We had ton of fun recording it!


EP49 | Meet Ashley from Defining Moment Fitness

WOW! We got to hear an amazing story from Ashley today. Find out how he went from over 300 pounds in high school and college to firefighter to personal trainer to owning his own successful training studio here in Charleston, SC. Ashley was able to transform his own life and use that same passion and energy to impact others by the thousands. He talk about 2 defining moments in his life, and how he uses his family to stay grounded. Ashley has created a truly unique community and team of trainers who are creating huge buy in and amazing results.  This is a man that knows how to reach goals not only for himself but for others! Be prepared to get fired up after listening to this episode! I know I was!!

Find out more: http://definingmomentfitness.com/




EP48 | Meet Eliza- Fitness Entrepreneur

Today had the pleasure of interviewing Eliza who is a fitness professional who loves nutrition, fitness, and spreading great information. She came from a family that put good nutrition and movement first. Also, she had a bad car accident in college, where she literally broke her back and was told she may never walk again. Needless to say, she made a full recovery and has found a new passion for health and fitness. She takes nothing for granted even the smallest things, and uses this perspective to help her clients and all of those around her. We talk a full range of topics including nutrition, poop, fitness, and morning routines. She knows that there is no one size fits all for everyone when it comes to health and fitness. My biggest takeaway today was we all need a morning routine, some selfish solitude, and we need to evolve in our health and fitness! Some great nuggests in this conversation! Enjoy!

Find her on IG here: https://www.instagram.com/elizagellman/

Her own "Hotter than Health" podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eliza-g-fitness-hotter-than-health/id1428759268


EP47 | Meet Jay Cohen of Locomotion Fitness

Are you ready to change your mindset and finally tackle your health and fitness? Then this is the podcast for you! We go down a phenomenal rabbit hole. All about the psychology of change, decision making, and how to create an environment of success. Jay knows his stuff and has done his research! And you can tell! He's used his ill spent youth (LOL), his marine corp training, and experience with CrossFit Discovery to build an amazing program over in Park Circle. A lot of his clientele are new to CrossFit and new to training but those are the people he loves to see in his gym. He'll spend just as much time white-boarding, talking small successes, and mindset that he does teaching the squat and deadlift. He doesn't care what your fitness level is, he cares how you are using it outside the gym. Enjoy this episode! I know I did!


EP46 | Meet Matt and Peter from Crossfit Sacred Pine

Matt and Peter are two great guys with 2 different paths that met at a local CrossFit gym in Summerville. CrossFit Sacred Pine is a community that has grown tremendously and is doing some amazing things. From starting in a field with no equipment to needing to expand to bigger space and still growing! It's easy to see why they have a great community at this gym. They love what they do, are passionate about health and fitness and are eager to spread the word. They also run an amazing event called the Sacred Pine Invitational which is going to be one heck of an event! Hopefully, we’ll see you there!!

Where to find out more:

https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitSacredPine/ https://www.crossfitsacredpine.com/ https://www.instagram.com/crossfitsacredpine/ https://www.instagram.com/sacredpineinvitational/


EP45 | TJ from IronTribe Fitness

TJ has a super interesting story.  He had a huge turning about with a family situation that put his butt in gear during his sophomore year in college. He credits his advisor with showing him where to put his time and energy. He ended up at Citadel at the graduate program where he ran a range of classes and activities. He taught cadets the basic of strength and conditioning, ran a badminton class and helped with some really cool research. He has leveraged these skills to help run an amazing program and IronTribe Fitness in Mount Pleasant and Downtown Charleston. He really put the focus on the client and providing a deep relationship with meaning and purpose. He wants us all to have balance in our life and maybe get a little fitter along the way. I hope you enjoy this episode! I know I did!

EP44 | Anja Everson- Athlete, Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach, Aspiring Public Speaker

Anja Everson has phenomenal energy that is evident when she walks into a room. She is the general manager at frequency fitness.  Anja made a big career transition after college and has gone all in on the world of fitness and getting strong. She has such an interesting story. Her body gave her some very big clues that eating healthy was the only option for her and after fighting for years has now found the exact nutrition program that works for her! She wants each of us to "get inspired" and make big changes in our lives. Give this episode a listen. You won't be disappointed!


EP43 | Meet Erin Green of Green Nutrition Wellness

Erin Green has an interesting story. She was a swimmer and has made some zig zags all the way to CrossFit coach and nutrition and wellness coach. We talk a little about luck and how the universe tends to help us as long as we act on that opportunity. Also the benefits of getting out of our comfort zone. This episode is loaded with tips on how to tackle your nutrition goals!!! Enjoy!!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100033788792596

IG: https://www.instagram.com/green_nutrition_wellness/


EP42 | Meet David Drake of Drake Fitness

David Drake has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He is as passionate as he is knowledgeable.  He refers to his clients as students and makes analogies to being a body mechanic! He is a life long learner and has a passion for getting people moving better and thinking more long term and seeing fitness as a process. This was such a awesome conversation where talk, strength, crawling, and acting like a baby! (you'll see what I mean!)

Where to find out more:

Website: https://drake.fitness/


S2E89 | Meet Sylvia Darby, Owner of Foundation FIT, Home of CrossFit Wando

What's up, everybody?  Welcome back to another episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast. Today's episode features Sylvia from Foundation Fit in CrossFit Wando. This was a really, really fun conversation. We go off to some business stuff, we go off and discuss some psychology stuff.  We also discuss business ownership.  

Sylvia has a strong passion for taking ownership of your own health. It was really one of the most fun conversations I've had doing a lot of stuff that I'm really interested in. So I hope you guys enjoy it.  I highly recommend you guys reach out to Sylvia and Crossfit Wando if you're in her area!

“What drives me to wake up every day is unconditional love for two little boys that have forever changed my life, and a solid commitment to a future with an amazing husband that has been beside me through the good, the bad and the often ugly of creating a business and family at the same time,” she says. “This 7,000-square-foot facility has been a labor of love and holds an incredibly dedicated and talented group of coaches as well as a community of amazing athletes, all of which I am beyond blessed to call my family.”

Reach out to Sylvia:

Via website: https://ffitonline.com/


EP41 | Mike and Brett from Charleston Kettlebell Club

What a great convo with the Brett and Mike! They have such a unique and amazing gym located in West Ashley! These guys are perpetual students and primarily movement educators. They are using simple not easy strength and movement principles to make huge strides in their clients lives. You will find out very quickly that these guys are different and there passions seeps through in the conversation. Go check these guys out!






EP40 | Meet David Stowers of True Balance Bodywork

David is a massage therapists at True Balance BodyWork with an amazing skillset and philosophy. We geek out on all things movement, health, pain science and doing Turkish getups using our kids! 


Learn about his time at the Bejing Olympic Training Center and all about "subtle strength". David is blending Eastern and Western philosophies into his practice and getting some amazing results! We talk about opening a passive window with massage but making sure you go out and use this new motion actively! David focus on actionable objective goals with his clients and he is doing some amazing things! There are so many golden nuggets here! Enjoy!


Learn more here:



EP39 | Meet Jennie from Longevity Fitness

Jennie owns a state of the art, revolutionary fitness facility in downtown Charleston. She brought her love of activity, hospitality, and fitness into one magical place. Learn all about the importance of community, buy in, and variety into being consistent in your fitness program. This was an amazing episode! Enjoy! Mentions: Outlander Fightsong


https://www.instagram.com/longevityfitnesscharleston/ https://www.facebook.com/LongevityFitnessCharleston/


EP38 | Meet Todd DeLamielleure

Todd has a great energy and intensity about him. There are so many lessons to be learned from this man. He has turned his football injuries and extensive college and pro experience into a passion for helping kids and adults with their health, fitness, and performance.  Todd works with Roper Hospital training seniors as well as employees. He also trains with football players and youth athletes. He has a unique perspective and works not only on strength and speed but looks beyond and asks why are we doing this! He works to create balance in his athletes not only working on raw power but on mobility, technique, and sport specific skill work. There are alot of great nuggets in this episode. Todd has an amazing story and is doing some pretty amazing things !  One thing I loved was Todd talked about controlled aggression. Obviously aggression, speed, and power are important in the game of football, but can you control that aggression?


EP37 | Courtney Oberly- Registered Dietician

Meet Courtney Oberly who is registered dietitian in the Charleston Area. She has a holistic individualistic approach to healing and nutrition that she learned at a clinic in Chicago. She does a very specific blood test to test for food sensitivities and allergies, which helps her clients success. Find out how this Clemson grad is helping people become healthier and feel great through nutrition. She talks how nutrition can help people who are dealing with IBS, migraines, and Fibromyalgia or not having alot of energy or feeling good!


EP36 | Meet Michelle Fitzgerald

Oh man! This episode was a blast. Meet Michelle who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, dancer, lover of all movement. Michelle started at Penn State going to school for PR but soon found her passion for helping people with their fitness and health. With her dancing background she had a knack for instructing group fitness classes. She has dedicated the last 6 years to learning, moving often, and educating herself about the body.  She really digs into the why behind the movements and has a unique personalized training philosophy mixed with a high energy and fun style. My favorite quote "prosperous movement" if that doesn't make you want to move nothing will, LOL.

More about Michelle: She does personal training and group classes at http://www.longevityfitnesscharleston.com/ and https://www.charlestonpoweryoga.com/ IG handle: https://www.instagram.com/michfitzzmoves/


EP35 | Meet Bo Taylor

Bo love fitness and has an amazing name, LOL. Bo is one of the OGs in the fitness industry here in Charleston.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Physical Education from Radford University with a concentration in Commercial Fitness and a Master of Education degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from The Citadel.   He has trained people for pageants, fitness shows, and so much more! He is now focusing more on the nutrition side of things. There are some great nuggets in here. ENJOY!


Learn more about bo here:



EP34 | Meet Catherine from BlueSky Endurance

Meet Catherine from BlueSky Endurance who has turned a life of running into a retail business as well as a community that will help people of walks of life call this place home. Catherine uses her unique passion to show people how running, triathlons, and an active lifestyle can not only make a profound change in your body but also your mind. She has an awesome story of how she fought off the freshman 15 and started "one oak tree at a time" to now running marathons and triathlons regularly. She has such a cool story and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Find out more about her here:

Website: https://www.blueskyendurance.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blueskyendurance/


EP33 | Erin Lingle from Lingle Fitness

Today went all over the place! Meet Erin who went from math teacher (I'm starting to see a theme here) to personal trainer. Erin was a collegiate athlete, teacher, and after some tough family losses, she was struggling with her health and fitness. She invested in a personal trainer, therapist, and life coach, who all helped her change her life around. She ultimaetly found her calling of helping people start and succeed in their fitness and health journey. We get into deriving energy from your passion, the power of accountability, and importance of not just training in the gym but staying moving as much as possible out of the gym. Erin is very passionate, engaging, and brings awesome energy. She told a great story of how she got one client from a ground zero sedentary 50 year old with a ankle and knee issue who could barely walk down stairs to almost jogging up multiple flights of stairs without surgery or pills just hard work, dedication, and intelligent training. Now that is awesome!!!! Erin had an awesome golden nugget. If you are just getting started and want to make a change. Just commit to 10 minutes a day of something, anything (movement, reading, going outside...anything). This can be the first step in a much bigger change. Mentions: Smurfs google Richard Simmons "Who's line is it anyway" The regular show Talking Heads- Burning Down the House Lose Well by Chris Gethard Find out more about Erin website: https://www.linglefitness.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/linglefitness/


EP32 | Meredith Nelson- Primetime Fitness

Meredith has been in the fitness game for 18 years. There are clients she has been training for that long as well! She talks about her story of one professor who was a cardiothoracic surgeon turned college professor who changed the way she thought about the food that went into her body and the her viewpoint on exercise. This changed her career path away away from the obo and more into fitness! She runs PrimeTime Fitness studio where they do personal training, and small group classes. She will soon be at the new Gold's Gym in Mt. Pleasant on Coleman Boulevard that will be an amazing facility! She adds alot of variety to her workouts and challenges her clients both mentally and physically. She is also an avid runner, and just completed the Kiawah half marathon. We dig into the steps it takes to start a health and fitness journey. And how this can impact your life in so many positive ways. Find out more about Meredith: https://www.primetimefit.net/ https://www.goldsgym.com/mt-pleasant-sc/ Mentions: Black Violin- A Flat Krosha- E.S. Posthumus-- Makara Schmoo


EP31 | Laura Jarrait

Today's episode was eye opening for me and I hope it is for you as well. Laura is a health coach who has a tag line that speaks for itself "intuitive eating and weight-loss for women who adore food". She has a unique and enlightening view of nutrition and eating in today's world. She shows us how to slow down and take an inquiry of yourself. What does that mean? Next time you go to eat that cookie or drink that beer ask yourself "why?". This episode was alot of fun. Learn more about Laura here: https://laurajarrait.com/ https://laurajarrait.com/blog/ 504-214-1632 mention this podcast and get a free consult.



EP30 | Johnny Wilson- Former Professional Soccer Player

Johnny Wilson is a Clemson grad, who played here locally for the Charleston Battery (he also coaches for them now too). Also from Seneca, South Carolina and started playing soccer before playing soccer was cool. His energy and outlook is inspiring. We delve into early sports specialization and how playing football taught him skills on the soccer field. We talk about trusting the process when it comes to performing your best and also when returning from injury. And how through trial and error he found exactly what works for him in fitness, nutrition, and health. You can also hear about a subject I am very passionate about and that's the importance of having a healthcare provider "in your corner". How its not just for professional athletes but also all of us regualr people out there, who are looking to be healthier and perform their best in the game of life.

How to fund out more about Johnny Wilson

Website: https://www.yeswithjohnwilson.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/JohnAWilson25/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/JohnAWilson25/


EP29 | Anne Moore - Endurance Coach

Today's episode we had Anne Moore who is an endurance coach. She also competes in Looooong cycle races across the country. She has a very honest upfront attitude that has served her well in creating a community of people and clients who believe in her and her message. Anne has a master's degree and even taught anatomy and physiology at Trident before jumping in head first to coaching. Find out more here: http://www.annemoorecoaching.com/ https://www.facebook.com/annemooreendurancecoaching/


EP28 | Meet Alan and Trinity - Broadway Strongmen

Today, we have Alan and Trinity on the podcast to discuss their journey from NYC and Broadway to owning a Local Crossfit gym called Rhapsody CrossFit. They have such a great story. You can really tell how important community and culture is to these two men. They are having a impact on health and fitness locally in a big way! We dig into how their gym is accessible to everyone. How much they time they spend on coaching, the facility, and creating a culture where anyone will feel comfortable to be themselves and work on their fitness. Where to find out more: https://rhapsodycrossfit.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rhapsodycrossfit/ https://www.instagram.com/rhapsodycrossfit/ https://twitter.com/rhapsodychs


EP27 | Tom Sheehan - Devine Brazilian JiuJitsu

Tom had a calling to be a coach and teacher for most of his life. He went from Secret Service to owning his own school here on Daniel Island. He teaches how adversity and challenging yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually is a big part of a healthy body and mind. We discuss his career and how he had a humbling experience that turned him towards BJJ. "BJJ is the closest thing to becoming a superhero!" Find out more: https://www.devinedi.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/devine_daniel_islandbjj/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevineBJJ/



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