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This is The Healthy Charleston podcast, where our mission to show you the body's strength and resilience. Hosted by Yves Gege a physical therapist and owner of Made 2 Move. Modern Medicine has failed us! We are no longer thriving! Our focus is a grassroots movement where education and movement are the first line of defense in treating the body of disease and disability.



EP77 | Meet Courtenay Fisher, FNTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Today, we are joined by Courtenay Fisher who is an FNTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner located here in Charleston.  We had an absolute blast during our conversation today and I was fortunate enough to learn quite a bit about nutrient-dense foods, the SAD diet, and many other things involving nutrition.  I got a lot out of this episode and I think you will too.  Enjoy!


Topics Covered:

  • The SAD diet
  • Where to start on changing your nutrition for the better?
  • The individualization of a diet
  • Do we over-complicate our nutrition?
  • Courtenay's take on properly prepared nutrient-dense foods
  • How effective are meal-prep services?
  • Sorting out the research
  • What it is like to be a client of Courtenay's


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EP76 | Meet Laura Sapper, ATC

Today, I interview Laura Sapper who is an experienced Athletic Trainer here in the Charleston area.  She has had many roles in the world of athletic training and she brings this passion to our conversation today.  Enjoy!


Topics Covered:

  • How Laura discovered her interest in Athletic Training
  • People's perceptions and expectations of going to the Doctor
  • Patients doing too much too soon
  • Gaining patient's trust and creating buy-in
  • Laura's roles at her school and which is most important
  • Where are ATC's best served in the future?
  • What is pushing ATC to broader horizons?


Reach out to Laura:

Via Instagram: @laurasapper1


EP75 | Meet Stevie Sullivan- LPC, MAC, CHC, MED

On Episode 75, I am excited to be joined by Stevie Boynton.  Stevie works on the mental health side of health care which is something that does not get talked about enough.  I was able to ask some very important questions for myself personally along with some questions that pertain to me as a professional.
  • What Stevie does and who she works with
  • How nutrition affects human behavior
  • How to create action around a plan
  • Finding the why and the motivator for people
  • The various methods of therapy Stevie provides based on her clients' needs
  • Helping people reverse engineer their problems
Reach out to Stevie:
Via E-mail: [email protected]
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EP74 | Meet Cal Bauer- Crossfit And Strength Coach

Today on Episode 74, we are lucky enough to be joined by Cal Bauer of Pale Horse Crossfit and Bauer-Bilt Personal Training.  Cal shares his story with us today and the journey that has led him down the path he is on.  Cal is an amazing Crossfit athlete, an amazing coach, and we get into this among many other topics on today's episode.  Enjoy!



Topics Covered:

  • Cal's story and what led him to coaching Crossfit full time
  • How Cal's background helped him transition to Crossfit
  • Cal's experience at Safe Passage Neuromonitoring as a Surgical Neurophysiologist
  • How will today's interest in Strength & Conditioning affect longevity of the human body?
  • What is Cal doing outside of Pale Horse Crossfit?
  • Changes in the Army's physical testing


Reach out to Cal:



EP73 | Meet Dr. Rachel Wurdemann owner of Sanctuary Blue

Today on The Healthy Charleston Podcast we are excited to be joined by Dr. Rachel Wurdemann, owner of Sanctuary Blue. Sanctuary Blue is a center for optimal living located in Daniel Island, SC. Rachel shares her awesome story of what led her down the path to owning her facility alongside her husband, Josh.
Topics Covered:
  • Rachel's background
  • How Rachel's views of health evolved throughout her education
  • Rachel's experience growing up in Minnesota
  • Health down to a cellular level
  • Rachel's ideal client
  • What an initial visit to Sanctuary Blue will look like
  • Expanding your health bandwidth
  • The goals behind Sanctuary Blue and how they chose the name
  • Spitfire Questions

EP72 | Meet Joey Welling From Exemplar Fitness

You will not be disappointed with today's episode as Joey has a fantastic story to share.  We start from when he is folding towels in a gym to having grown his gym memberships by 700%.  We discuss the intangibles of health & fitness and how to live your best life!

Topics Include:

  • Joey's early days of fitness
  • Early lessons learned
  • Joey's path to Exemplar Fitness
  • The evolution of Exemplar Fitness
  • A breakdown of Exemplar's training methodologies and programming
  • Getting clients to come back
  • Not overthinking health & fitness
  • Educating & Empowering
  • How Joey views the meaning of his job


Reach out to Joey & Exemplar Fitness:

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EP71 | Meet Jenny Fisher aka fitfishmom

Today, I had an absolute blast interviewing Jenny Fisher.  Jenny, aka fitfishmom, is an oblique ambassador here in Charleston and provides amazing content via her social media channels.  If you really want to see what Charleston, SC is like while seeing some very cool workouts, I highly recommend you check her out!  I really enjoyed our conversation today and I hope you do as well.


Reach out to Jenny:

Via Facebook:

Via Instagram: @fitfishmom

Topics Covered:

  • Jenny's background and how she began using social media as a vehicle to inspire people
  • What style of workout is Jenny influencing people to do?
  • Jenny's definition of functional fitness
  • Embracing your body
  • Discussion on not over analyzing your diet
  • What kind of feedback does Jenny receive on social media?
  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • Breaking women's' fear of getting too bulky

EP70 | Meet Heather Black- Personal Trainer

I am very excited to be joined by personal trainer Heather Black on today's episode.  Heather is a local personal trainer in Charleston, SC and was recently featured on the cover of Oblique Magazine as the cover model.  She is a mother a four and she shares her amazing knowledge of how to be the best version of yourself.  If you are interested in fitness and health, I think you will really enjoy this episode.


Reach out to Heather:

Via Instagram: @heatherblackfit

Via Website:


Topics Covered:

  • How Heather got into the fitness business
  • Hitting the reset button
  • What tools does Heather use to help progress her clients?
  • Health Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals and Wellness
  • The shift in Health & Wellness information (and misinformation)
  • Research confirmation bias and how it negatively affects Health & Wellness
  • Heather's definition of a healthy person
  • Dealing with life's curve-balls and being adaptable

EP69 | Meet Courtney Burisch- Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Today we are joined by Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Courtney Burisch.  We had a very great conversation covering nutrition, sleep, and stress management.  I really enjoyed our conversation today and I highly recommend everyone check her out.

Reach out to Courtney:

Via Website:

Via Instagram: @organic_blondie


Topics Covered:

  • How Courtney's journey as a Lifestyle coach began
  • Assessing your own mindset towards diets and nutrition
  • Getting on the same page as your body and avoiding burnout
  • Addressing the context of your tactics to changing your lifestyle and health
  • There is no one size fits all when it comes to diet and lifestyle
  • If you're not feeling good, something probably needs to change
  • Using others to help you along the way and embracing a sense of community
  • How Courtney defines what a healthy person is
  • Starting with your mindset over specific diets

EP68 | Meet Tom Moriarity- Director of Rehabilitation at East Cooper Medical Center

Today's episode is a little different than my typical podcast.  I am excited to be joined by Tom Moriarity on episode 68 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast.  Tom is the Director of Rehabilitation at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Tom has also been on multiple sides of the coin as a Staff PT, being part of a private clinic, and now in his current corporate role at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center.  We go down some very interesting rabbit holes and I really think you will enjoy his take on things.

Topics Covered:

  • A brief description of Tom's role at East Cooper Rehabilitation Center
  • Tom's background and career path
  • Tom's experience in PT school
  • How has the profession of being a PT evolved?
  • Remembering the Golden Age of being a PT
  • Transitioning to a managerial role at East Cooper and thinking about the collective
  • Where does Tom view the PT profession currently?
  • The importance of people knowing they have choices when seeking care
  • Additions and the future of East Cooper Rehabilitation Center
  • Tom's definition of what makes a healthy person

Reach out to Tom and East Cooper Rehabilitation Center:

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EP67 | Fatigue With Dane Gifford, Nate Jones, And Matt Shiver

On episode 67 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we have three very special guests filling in for me.  They are Dane Gifford, Nate Jones, and Matt Shiver of Made 2 Move Physical Therapy.  They address the challenges of Olympic weightlifting, what it's like to diet as an Olympic lifter, and the many definitions of fatigue and physiological adaptations.


EP66 | Meet Brian Durbin of Synchronicity

On Episode 66 of The Healthy Charleston I am joined by Mental Guru, Brian Durbin, of Synchronicity located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  We have a very informative conversation based around the ideas and practices of his well-being practice.  Feelings of well-being are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life. Past experiences, attitudes and outlook can all impact well-being as can physical or emotional trauma following specific incidents.


Reach out to Brian:

Via Website:

Via Facebook:

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  • Brian's early years and his involvement with sports
  • How Brian overcame weight struggles and what he practices today to maintain his health
  • Brian discovering his entrepreneurial side
  • The theory behind why Brian and his partners opened the well-being practice, Synchronicity
  • Brian's definition of ones' 'well-being'
  • How a sense of community and relationships play into our well-being and life expectancy
  • Practicing mindfulness at Synchronicity and how this can done similarly to a workout program
  • The pitfalls of habituation
  • Your thoughts and how they affect the recovery of your body
  • Business and Personal development at Synchronicity
  • What is resiliency in the eyes of Brian?

EP65 | Meet Dr. Meg Henderson

On Episode 65 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast, I am excited to be joined by Dr. Meg Henderson.  Meg is a post-par-tum physical therapist and we get into how a woman's health can be determined after giving birth to a child. Dr. Meg was kind enough to share her knowledge of this field with us on today's episode.

Reach out to Dr. Meg:

Via Instagram: @4thtrimester.chs

Via Website:

Topics Discussed:

  • Meg's background and how she chose her career path
  • How Meg handles a full time career along with being a mother
  • Understanding what is actually contributing to post-par-tum depression
  • How a new mother is evaluated 6 to 8 week post par-tum by Dr. Meg
  • Evaluating the pelvic floor
  • Assessing women based on their physical goals and what setting they are in
  • Why getting a post-part-um assessment is necessary even if you're not experiencing symptoms
  • What are some of the symptoms that should warrant a mother to see a post-part-um physical therapist or women's health specialist?
  • What does Dr. Meg believe she is best at?
  • What does Dr. Meg think she struggles at?
  • What does Dr. Meg think think the number 1 thing is for the public to do to maintain their health and fitness?
  • What is the textbook definition of a healthy mother according to Dr. Meg?
  • What would Dr. Meg's walkout song be?

EP64 | Meet Carl Dearing of CDFIT

On episode 64 of The Healthy Charleston Podcast I am pleased to be joined by Carl Dearing of CDFIT.  Carl Dearing's work in functional training and individual program design stems from work as an exercise physiologist in the hospital and physical therapy settings and as a sports performance coach for high school, college, and professional athletes in Philadelphia.  Athletes, top business professionals, and people of all stages of life have chosen Carl and his outlook and insight into the human body to help them achieve peak performance, heightened body awareness, and increased quality of life.

Reach out to Carl:



Via website:


EP63 | Meet Nicloe Sawyer with Charleston OT

What a great conversation with Nicole Sawyer, ocupational therapist, business owner, and overall awesomeness. Her company works with kids and adults. She loved neuroscience in school, which means she loved working with patients how have nuerologivcal disorders like Parkinson's disease, have suffered a stroke, MS, and everything in between. She began to further her carrer and understanding by taking some continuing education classes and working on intergration of reflexes (what is that you ask? Listen to this episode). These techniques she learned had a tremendous affect on her own health and training so she expanded her practice to start working more with athletes and adults and has had amazing success. This was such a cool conversation and big takeaway is to focus on taking care of yourself and making sure YOU are doing some sort of "self care".  More info:

EP62 | Meet Q from Oblique Magazine

Meet Q from Oblique Magazine! Q has such a cool story and is a big part of Oblique magazine that is changing the fitness game here in Charleston. Oblique magazine has been around for a long time and continues to evolve and push the industry forward. Be sure to check them out and follow them on social media and pickup the magazine locally in many fitness boutiques and gyms in the area!

EP61 | Shana Fitch from Palmetto Tribe

Meet USA Triathlon Elite Youth & Junior  Certified Coach Shana Fitch with Palmetto Tribe! Shana is someone with 2 passions and somehow has merged them together to create something awesome! Can you picture kids racing triathlons and training for endurance events! We can! And We love it! Shana created Palmetto Tribe for exactly that! She wanted to give kids the opportunity to learn and grow through training and teamwork with endurance sports. Her program has made endurance fun for these kids and given them a place to safely push their limits and grow. They have created a "tribe" where the kids learn amazing skills both in training and outside of life! 

Shana ran the 400 and 800 in college at Virginia Tech then eventually found triathlons and get hooked! She loves triathlons and the kids so much! She made the bold decision to leave her digital marketing job and go all in with Palmetto Tribe! The program offers 6 week training programs and they even have a travel team where kids compete and train together!! They are swimming, biking, and running! And throwing in some cross training and life lessons as well!!! 

Shana program is so innovative and impactful. They take on a wide range of things beyond endurance training and trying to make these kids overall beter athletes and frankly, we believe, better humans. 





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