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Never Worry About
Pain Again.

We'll help you overcome pain and injuries, transform your health,
and stay active for life!

Charleston Performance Physical Therapy

We understand how it feels to be held back by frustrating pain and nagging injuries. No one should have to give up doing what they love!


We believe in giving our patients the time they deserve through 1-on-1 individualized physiotherapy treatments that address all aspects of an individual’s pain.

Don't waste another day stuck in your pain.

Sign up for your free phone consult to get started!

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Book A Free Phone Consult

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During your consult, we’ll answer your questions, get more information about your individual needs and goals, and develop a clear plan.

If you can't wait, call us today!

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Get A Clear Plan

During your 90-Minute Initial Evaluation, your doctor will complete a thorough assessment to get a full understanding of your pain/injury and goals and show you exactly what to do next!


You’ll receive an individualized action plan designed specifically for you, your problem areas, and your goals, so you can start making progress!

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Never Worry About
Pain Again

Through 1-on-1 sessions and an action plan, your doctor will guide you step by step to help you decrease pain, overcome injuries, and move with confidence again. 


It’s our goal to give you long term, lasting results to help you

stay active and healthy for life!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Made 2 Move Physical Therapy is happy to help you get out of pain. We have 5 locations across Charleston and Summerville. We strive to offer each person an incredible physical therapy experience that is unmatched in Charleston.

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