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From CrossFit to tennis to triathlons, although the sport of choice may vary, the frustration and agony of limited mobility, injury, and pain are the same. As athletes ourselves, we understand and are committed to getting you back to your peak performance as soon and as safely as possible. Using cutting-edge therapy, collaboration with local gyms/boxes, and individualized plans, we work towards stronger more resilient bodies.


Kids today train hard. There's no doubt that the physical demands put on youth athletes today is rigorous. And as youth athletes go through their athletic development, they need a coach and medical practioner that understands what they are going through. They need someone who understands how to reduce the risk of injury and start building resilience and strength so they can perform at their best and recover like a professional athletes. 


You may not necessarily identify with being an athlete per say, but you are active! At least you were before limited mobility or injury slowed you down. Whether it’s taking the dogs for their evening walk, keeping up with kiddos, going to the gym, or getting in a round of golf on the weekends, you deserve to do them pain-free. You were made to move, and we are here to help you get back to that active lifestyle you love.


Yves Gege

M2M Founder, Physical Therapist

I was lucky from an early age that I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist. I had a special needs little sister who impacted my life profoundly – she showed me the power of physical rehabilitation not only for her, but those around her.

This desire only grew stronger as I battled multiple knee injuries playing soccer in high school and college. I had a unique upbringing. My parents are both Swiss born and moved to the US seeking new opportunity. I was actually born right here in Charleston. Yes I am a local…there are not many of us left!

I’ve lived in the Lowcountry my whole life attending both college of Charleston and MUSC for grad school. My entire career is built upon educating my patients on how amazing the body can be by giving them the tools to rehabilitate from injury and perform at their highest level.

My speciality in physical therapy is peeling away the layers of a physical injury or problem and getting to the root cause, which is not always what you think. I have a knack for finding the the perfect exercise to match the perfect patient. So when you see me, GET READY TO MOVE!

We are told too often by medical practitioners of our limitations and the things we can’t do. I’m on a mission to change that with a phenomenal team behind me. You’re here because you want something different, and you’ve found it.

This is the exact reason I started Made 2 Move. I aim to create a place where patients can feel better, get stronger, and DO MORE! Want to lift some barbells? I can help you do that. Want to run an ultra-marathon? I can help you do that. Want to play with your grandkids? I can help you do that.

My goal for you is to be completely free of any physical limitations. I NEVER want you to hear you say no…No, I can’t climb that hill. No I can’t go for a run. No I can’t lift that weight…

Yes, you can. And I will help you do it.

The world of pills, arbitrary surgeries, useless cortisone shots is over! Welcome to Made 2 Move!

Education & Credentials


Dane Gifford

Director of Operations, PTA, Strength Specialist

Originally from Havre, MT, Dane first came to Charleston by way of the Air Force in 2002. Although he loved the Lowcountry life, his military service took him overseas to Germany and Hungary before bringing him back to the holy city with his beautiful wife, Stephanie, to pursue his career in Physical Therapy. 

A longtime trainer and CrossFit coach, Dane realized the need for a deeper understanding of how people move and, more specifically, how they can move pain-free. Inspired by Kelly Starrett and The Mobility WOD, he dove into learning any and everything about movement and pain-free fitness.

Dane joined the M2M team in 2017 after hitting a wall with the current state of American healthcare. Disillusioned with the disease-management system’s disfunction for both practitioners and patients, he wanted to be part of a team that threw the red tape aside and focused solely on doing what needed to be done to people better.

A jack of many trades, Dane’s specialty is strength training, rehab and injury prevention. With a history as a strength coach before transitioning into physical therapy, Dane is adept at helping athletes pursue their goals and achieve peak performance; especially when it comes to picking up heavy things and putting them down.

Above all else, Dane cares about his patients. His goal for each person he works with is to know that pain is not permanent, they will get better, and there is always a way to improve performance.

Education & Credentials

A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant, Trident Technical College, 2017

B.S. in Exercise Science, College of Charleston, 2016

CrossFit CF-L2, 2015

Hannah Breal

Physical Therapist

Whatever you do, don’t ask Hannah where she is from, she still doesn’t know how to answer. Originally from Louisiana, Hannah moved with her family to Tennessee when she was 10. She then moved to Columbia, SC to attend college at USC. After she left home, her parents moved from Tennessee to Mississippi. After finishing up her undergrad at USC she moved to Charleston to attend the Physical Therapy program at MUSC.

Hannah played sports in high school (ie. ball girl) but ultimately had to quit due to health issues. To replace sports, she started working out on her own and she absolutely fell in love with exercise. Her 4 mile runs and Pinterest “killer ab and booty workouts” weren’t doing it anymore, and she was reluctantly dragged into her first CrossFit gym.

Immediately she was hooked. She knew, right from the start, that she wanted to be more involved. She wanted to coach, and wanted to help people change their lives through exercise. Exercise and Crossfit provided such an impactful life change for her that she wanted to inspire others to do the same. She knew she was passionate about exercise, mental health, and movement as medicine and she wanted to make a career out of spreading this message but didn’t know how.

On a medical mission trip to Ecuador, Hannah realized that most of her patients were experiencing pain and were unable to accomplish their daily physical demands. She knew so many of them would benefit from exercise, strength training, and in general moving more. From that point forward, Hannah knew she wanted to use her passions as a physical therapist.

Hannah dreamt of holistic healthcare where exercise and nutrition were prescribed first. She fantasized about working in a Crossfit gym and being able to work with her patients individually for 1 hour to accomplish their goals. She wasn’t sure a place like this existed but she had a vision.

Behold, as she was struggling with an injury, she found Made 2 Move Physical Therapy. Made 2 Move got her back in the gym and helped her crush her goals. She was drawn to the environment and their commitment to empowering patients. Hannah loved how Made 2 Move was all about helping people live fulfilling lives and she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Fast forward, a couple of years as a groupie, and Hannah is now part of the Made 2 Move Team and is actively living her dream!

Whether you’re injured, looking to improve your health, or seeking a new personal best – Hannah wants to be your go-to resource. Physical therapy doesn’t have to be post-injury and an injury doesn’t mean you have to stop actively pursuing your goals. As an athlete herself, Hannah understands what it takes to succeed and she understands how much hard work and dedication goes into reaching your goals. Hannah wants to be there, by your side, as you work toward your goals and as you accomplish your goals.

Education & Credentials

Precision Nutrition PN-L1, 2021

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, MUSC, 2020 

CrossFit CF-L1, 2018

B.S. in Exercise Science, University of South Carolina, Honors College, 2017

The Made 2 Move Difference

Our team believes you can achieve anything through the right medical care, movement practice, and lifestyle changes. To accomplish all this, we are big on bringing it back to basics. Our current medical environment is quick to tell us that we are broken and can only be fixed by pills, shots or surgery. M2M is here to show you that there is another way. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself, to adapt and to survive in any environment. We just need to get out of our own way. The path back to our healthiest self is not through canned approaches and outdated methods, such as ice packs, therabands, and stationary bikes. This one-dimensional strategy is rampant in traditional, third-party-pay physical therapy practices – you’ll soon see our tactics are delightfully different! M2M is a private-pay (cash-based) rehab and performance center. Before your heart seizes from sticker shock, let’s shed some light on what cash-based physical therapy is and how this method will likely save you time, money and resources, while also helping you achieve your desired results. True story.

Break it Down:
Cash-Based Model Defined

M2M chooses (emphasis on this being an intentional decision) a cash-based model for our practice. In a cash-based treatment model, your M2M therapist enters into an agreement with you to provide physical therapy services in a manner that both parties have decided upon (AKA: FULL TRANSPARENCY with no surprise bills 3 months in) to help you reach your treatment goals most efficiently.

You will pay at the time of service. This model allows us to focus on providing direct, one-on-one care, while keeping administrative costs low. You may pay for services using actual cash, a check, a credit/debit card, or with your HSA.

In some instances, you may also personally file for reimbursement from your insurance company to curb your out-of-pocket expense. Most insurance companies, with the exception of Medicare, Medicaid and some HMOs, will provide reimbursement for services received “out of network”. We can help you with this process.

Cash-based does not mean our team is short on the education, qualifications and accreditations necessary to provide you with best-in-class medical care.

We blend unique backgrounds in strength, conditioning, and human performance to go well beyond rehab and help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

Why Cash Based?
Benefits by the Numbers

We are not big on limitations – neither are you, which is why you’re here. In our 25+ years of collective experience, third-party payers pressuring for immediate diagnoses, insisting on confining treatments, and interfering with the therapy we want to provide often hurts the patient’s progress and hinders our ability to reach his or her goals.

Furthermore, (…can we get a drum roll, please?), out-of-pocket expenses over the course of physical therapy will often be less expensive for patients like you with a cash-based model than through traditional physical therapy practice.


Let’s compare the same path to recovery for two 35-year-old men recovering from a torn rotator cuff. Mike chooses to go the private-pay route with Made 2 Move, while Tim sticks with the traditional third-party reimbursement track.

Before we dive into the breakdown, we will assume one crucial thing: both Iron Mike and Tiny Tim have met their annual deductible and have chosen conservative over surgery (which has better long-term outcomes according to the latest medical research) so Tim qualifies for reimbursement from his insurance, which typically looks like 20% out-of-pocket or $30 co-pays per session.

If we take the “standard” protocol in a insurance-based model for a torn rotator cuff in a healthy individual (25-35), the patient will typically need 4-6 months of rehab requiring passive and active PT (~2x per week) according to the US National Library of Medicine. In our model we typically see the patient 1x a week and give them a extensive home program so he or she can begin working on this stuff at home. We also see our patient on overage 6-10x during a plan of care and quickly go from rehabilitation to working on performance and prevention.

At the end of 6-months, Mike has spent $280 more out of pocket than his buddy Tim. Although both men were recovering from similar injuries, Mike invests less than a third of the time (10.6 vs. 32 hours) for a fuller recovery that got him back to the lifestyle he loved sooner. This outcome also doesn’t account for the intangibles around enjoying a dynamic, individualized care plan and relationship built with his M2M PT.

Furthermore, had Tim NOT met his deductible, this care path through traditional PT would have cost him $1,688 ($101 for the initial evaluation + 23 sessions at $69/ea) out of pocket, which would have him spending $688 more in less-effective care than if he had gone through M2M.

Which path will you choose to get back to your peak performance?

Made 2 Move PT

10 visits 20 minutes each way = 400 minutes in the car
(6 hours and 40 minutes)

Traditional PT

30 visits 20 minutes each way = 1200 minutes in car
(20 hours)

Made 2 Move PT

100% of the time 1 hour 1on1 with a doctor of physical therapy

Traditional PT

20-30 minutes or 50% or less of your appointment time

Made 2 Move PT

M2M PT introduces cutting edge rehab techniques to include dry needling, BFR, and manual therapies. Hope you’re ready to move because your PT has access to a full strength and conditioning gym and plans to use it. Your sessions focus on overall health, fitness, and performance – 100% on you as the patient with a care plan decided by the physical therapist/patient team. Rehab doesn’t stop and is a continuous process to improve your performance and quality of life. Beyond recovery, you have a 1:1 performance PT that will help you avoid unnecessary surgeries, pharmaceuticals, & medical costs.

Traditional PT

Patient spends most of the time on passive modalities (ice, heat, ultrasound, TENS), and weak exercise progression (therabands, bike, no gym equipment). Hoping for innovation? Nope. Because insurance companies do not reimburse for many therapy techniques and it takes 10+ years for a new medical procedure to be reimbursable by insurance, your PT’s hands are tied. Essentially, your care is decided by the insurance company- not your physical therapist.

Made 2 Move PT

You pay upfront or at the end of each session. You know exactly what you are paying for and what that payment includes. Full transparency.

Traditional PT

You may pay a copay or you may have to meet your deductible. You may pay your copay but still get a big bill 3 months later. Surprise, surprise?

Made 2 Move PT

Our cash-based model is often cheaper with higher deductible plans; especially when you factor in what insurance may or may not reimburse and when you look at the overall cost from longer plans of care. This doesn’t even begin to account for the value of preventative care – how much would you pay to avoid surgery, unnecessary MRIs, shots or pills?

Traditional PT

Have you met your deductible? If so, you could be all right with $30 copays at each visit…depending on your insurance plan.

Made 2 Move PT

Let’s get to know each other. You enjoy full access to your PT team with email, messaging, phone calls, and next or same day appts. We will always return your call that day or next day. ALWAYS!

Traditional PT

Questions or concerns? You may not get a call back for days and when you do, it’s from an admin or answering service – not your PT. Forget about messaging or email access. Want to go straight to the source with an appointment? Fine, but you may have to get on the three-week waiting list.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

You’re ready to schedule an appointment with us. Wonderful! We already cannot wait to see you and help you get back to moving at your best. Here at M2M, we are not fans of surprises (unless there’s cake…), so here is what you can expect from your first consultation with us.

We recommend coming in activewear or something you are comfortable stretching and moving around in because, well, you will be moving. Close-toed shoes are ideal.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your M2M Physical Therapist who will be with you, one on one, for the entire duration of your appointment. Don’t stress, you will not be abandoned on a stationary bike or left to your own devices with stretchy bands at any point.

We like to start these consultations with some good, old fashioned conversation – we will cover your injury or limitation, performance/medical history, any of your questions or concerns, and, most importantly, your goals.

From there, we will segue into your evaluation in which your M2M Therapist will gently move through diagnostics – keeping open dialogue the entire time so you understand what’s happening and why.

If there are any services we can perform the day of to relieve your pain and discomfort, such as dry needling or soft tissue mobilization, rest assured we will do so during your appointment.

Remember, the focus of this evaluation is not to jump to a conclusion or a diagnosis – we are getting to know each other. We do promise, however, that your appointment will end with a unique care plan for getting you back to peak performance. If you decide to continue working with M2M, you will understand exactly what that will entail regarding timeline and cost.

Again, we don’t like surprises. Especially when it comes to your care. If you have any questions before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

email us: [email protected]

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