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A Step in the Right Direction

You are not alone!

The ankle…probably one of the most taken for granted of all the body parts. You don’t realize how important the ankle is until it isn’t working right.  Not only from a standpoint of pain but also in terms of performance.  

Did you know that the most common orthopedic (muscle/bone) injury is an ankle injury?  You are more likely to injure your ankle than any other body part. This is true in everyday life, and even more so than while playing sports.


The ankle has multiple degrees of movement. There are plantar flexion and inversion. One of the reasons that people experience ankle injuries so frequently is that an imbalance or weakness may exist.  (Well, that and places like Charleston, SC still have cobblestone roads and don’t understand the idea of creating a flat sidewalk.) When you have weakness and/or lack of proprioception possibly from multiple previous ankle sprains or general deconditioning, this can...

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