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Running After Having a Baby

Author: Meg Henderson

Running After a Baby

“Running after baby” can mean different things to different moms. For me, I have stayed reasonably active through running since college. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hardcore runner who trains for long distance races. I’d call myself a “fair weather” runner; using it as an outlet for stress relief and to allow me to eat what I want! So when I tried to return to running my standard 2-3 miles post-son #2, I was shocked and frustrated at my lack of progress. I couldn’t ever seem to get past the 1.5 mile mark before I’d be running to the nearest restroom. My doctor advised me that this was normal after having two babies and that it would improve with time.

Fast Forward 12 Months…

Things naturally improved as I returned to work full time and really didn’t have time to run, ie. I was WORN OUT. On the bright side, I no longer leaked when I sneezed and was able to run 2 miles...

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Why Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

Author: Meg Henderson

I have been practicing physical therapy in the outpatient orthopedic setting in Charleston, SC since 2008. As a new grad, in a new city, with a new husband I eagerly approached my job as I had been trained in school: evaluate and treat. Help the patient return to their functional activities. Instruct in home exercise programs. Over the years, I became more confident in my skills learning from my co-workers and continuing education courses along the way. I developed meaningful relationships with my patients as I assisted them in their recoveries from surgery, over-use injures, weekend warrior projects, and more.

Physical Therapy can help you respond to the changes in your body.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my second son that I became more interested in women’s health PT. I was learning first-hand how important it was to continue my once active lifestyle in order to prepare for the pregnancy-related changes to my body and keeping up...

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