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What is Low Pressure Fitness?

Author: Dr. Meg Henderson, PT

What is Low Pressure Fitness?

If I took a survey of which exercises would best strengthen the core, I would probably get very similar answers. The top three I can think of off the top of my head are: crunches, planks, and hollow holds.

What if I told you NONE of these exercises actually help to improve the function of your core? The definition of the word core is “the most central, innermost, or essential part of something”. So why are we strengthening our “core” with exercises that target more superficial muscles?

As you can see in the picture above, your core is actually a complex system made up of 4 muscle groups: the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, multifidi, and diaphragm. This system is responsible for posture, circulation, respiration, maintaining continence (so that we don’t leak!), support for our internal organs (prevention of pelvic organ prolapse or hernia), sexual function,...

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5 Things to know about The Fourth Trimester

AUTHOR: Dr. Meg Henderson, PT

Fourth trimester – you say? What?! I thought pregnancy was only 3 trimesters! 

You are correct, but us mamas need to start thinking of that precious time with a newborn as a part of our pregnancies…at least the healing part! The “fourth trimester” is a big-time buzz word right now, and it encompasses the first 3 months of your sweet little one’s life. [Cue elevator music] It’s a time for mamas to connect with their littlest ones, develop that bond, snuggle, rest, sleep, and allow others to take care of you. 

Screech! STOP!

That’s not how it really is… “I have other kids to take care of, no family in town, my husband travels, I live in an apartment…” LIFE does not stop when we have a baby! 

Keep in mind, though, how that precious tiny baby was born in to this world. No matter what your birth story is, our bodies need time to heal from the “injury” that is...

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Meet Tracey – Owner of Elevated Physical Therapy

Tracey Manasco
Founder of Elevated Physical Therapy
Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

From a young age I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field and that I wanted to be able to spend time with my patients and really make a difference in their lives. After seeing my father recover from a herniated disc without surgery in my teenage years, Physical Therapy became the chosen path. This led me down the the coast from Columbia, SC to Charleston. I attended the College of Charleston and then went on to the Medical University of SC for graduate school. Charleston has changed a lot in the 23 years that I have lived here but it is still my favorite place to be. I now consider Charleston my home.

My 16 year career as a PT has led me to various settings giving me experience in orthopedics, home health and acute neurological rehabilitation. Working in these different settings has given me a broader medical knowledge base that helps me see the big picture and how all systems...

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Why Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

Author: Meg Henderson

I have been practicing physical therapy in the outpatient orthopedic setting in Charleston, SC since 2008. As a new grad, in a new city, with a new husband I eagerly approached my job as I had been trained in school: evaluate and treat. Help the patient return to their functional activities. Instruct in home exercise programs. Over the years, I became more confident in my skills learning from my co-workers and continuing education courses along the way. I developed meaningful relationships with my patients as I assisted them in their recoveries from surgery, over-use injures, weekend warrior projects, and more.

Physical Therapy can help you respond to the changes in your body.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my second son that I became more interested in women’s health PT. I was learning first-hand how important it was to continue my once active lifestyle in order to prepare for the pregnancy-related changes to my body and keeping up...

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