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Neck Pain Remedy - Try These 3 Easy Stretches

You have neck pain, you know it, and we know it.  You need to read this…

Everyone experiences neck pain from time to time.  Neck pain is rarely the result of a traumatic event but rather an accumulation of stress to the muscles and the joints of the neck and back.  Chronic neck pain is more of an overuse injury than anything else.  It is an overuse injury in the sense that spending time in positions of poor posture can lead to pain and discomfort. Consider this…the average American spends roughly 10 hours, each day, in front of a screen of some kind.  The crazy thing…roughly 4 of those 10 hours is considered leisure time.  In addition to the screen time, consider the time you spend driving, reading and sitting at the dinner table. These are all positions that can lead to increased pain and discomfort.

Why is neck pain so common?  We noted before that prolonged positions, especially in front of a screen are a recipe...

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