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8 Secrets About Low Back Pain

Author: Yves Gege

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Low Back Pain

First off, let’s get one thing straight. Your back is strong, resilient, and adaptable…NOT, weak and fragile!

1. Rounding your back is not inherently bad for you…

This one kills me. Why would we have the ability to bend over and flex your spine just to go through life not using this ability! I’m not saying you should lift a couch by yourself, round your back, and carry it into the truck but yes its ok to pick up that piece of paper with a rounded back. There are certain circumstances where rounding your back may be unsafe but as a whole, if you’re not lifting something heavy or repeating this motion 100s of times, over 1000s of days your back will be fine. A lot of times, avoiding these movement that can lead to injury and pain. Your spine has all that freedom to move for a reason…USE IT!

2. Core strengthening is not always the answer

You don’t have a weak...

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Low Back Pain and Tightness Physical Therapy

Do you feel limited by low back pain or stiffness? Are you looking to get out and play golf, surf, lift weights, run, fish, play soccer, or hangout with the grandkids? Then this is the post for you!


The Reality

Low back pain is one of the most common problems faced in the modern world today. 31 million people are experiencing LBP at any given time. So if you suffer from low back pain, you’re not alone. There can be many causes for low back pain, including sitting at a desk, injuring yourself while working out, or not working out enough.

How Can Made 2 Move Help?

Sometimes low back pain can go away with some heat and some light exercise (like walking), but these may be temporary solutions and occasionally you might need extra help. Instead of loading your body up with medications to mask the pain, find a solution. This is where we come in. We want to help you get back out to do the things you love. Summer is almost here and we don’t want back pain to slow you...

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