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Best Diet Practices for Recovering from Injury

Author: Janet Carter, MS, RD, LD
[email protected]

Injury is one of the hazards of participating in sports or any physical activity. If you are unfortunate enough to have an injury that requires immobilization, you may be able to boost the healing process with proper nutrition. 

Being adequately fueled and avoiding any nutrient deficiencies is the most important consideration, but, as an athlete, avoiding a calorie surplus is also important. The best way to accomplish this balance is by eating high-quality foods at a calorie level that has been adjusted for the decrease in physical activity. Increased protein intake has been shown to aid in healing injuries requiring immobilization, but evidence is lacking to show benefit in muscle tissue injuries that do not. Supplements of amino acids or any other nutrient are only necessary if there is a nutrient deficiency.

A sample day for an average male athlete who has decreased his activity due to an...

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