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Understanding and Treating Frozen Shoulder - Adhesive Capsulitis


By Dr. Nathan Jones, PT


What is frozen shoulder?


Frozen shoulder is a condition in which a person’s shoulder steadily loses range of motion over time, with the largest deficits usually experienced into external rotation and abduction. It is often accompanied by an extremely high level of pain with movement, prolonged stillness, and sleep. Frozen shoulder is typically diagnosed when nothing else can be found to explain the symptoms - usually there is little to no damage to the shoulder on imaging and no inciting event to start the process. 


A Brief History 


Frozen shoulder was first labeled as such in 1934 by a surgeon named Ernest Codman in a book titled simply “The Shoulder,” and was described as “difficult to define, difficult to treat and difficult to explain from the point of view of pathology.” In 1945, frozen shoulder was renamed “adhesive capsulitis” (by Neviaser, another surgeon) due to findings...

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Meet Dr. Matt Shiver - Weightlifting Specialist... Happens to be a Physical Therapist

Dr. Matt Shiver

Physical Therapist, CSCS

Born and Raised in Charleston, SC. Matt attended Bishop England High School where we played football and discovered his passion for performance based physical therapy. Matt had a devastating ACL injury that required reconstruction and physical therapy. During that time, he started to realize that when he did deadlifts and squats his recovery was improving. The 3 sets of 20 leg press he was doing in traditional rehab was just not cutting it. He began researching training methodologies and quickly came across CrossFit. He started to implement this training into his rehabilitation and noticed tremendous improvement.

Matt attended Appalachian State University where he studied Exercise Science and Nutrition. While he was at Appalachian he discovered the sport of weightlifting. By his senior year he had directed two local weightlifting meets and founded the Mountaineer Weightlifting Club.

After graduating from Appalachian State Matt moved back home...

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