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Ankle Integrity: Building a Foundation from the Feet Up

Author: Peter Yu, SPT

When it comes to building any house it is essential to establish a stable and strong foundation. Similar to that, our ankles and feet are the foundations of our body when it comes to movement and motion. Because our feet are the first thing that comes in contact with the ground, proper motion at the ankle is essential in order to have the joints above, and ultimately the whole body, moving in an effective and efficient manner. Having a healthy ankle is crucial in allowing us to optimize our movements without any pain or discomfort! A “healthy” ankle is comprised of 3 major factors: mobility, balance, and strength. This article will provide you with ways to assess and improve your ankle performance. Start by taking the following tests.

TEST: Ankle Mobility 
(Half Kneeling Dorsiflexion Test)

To perform this test, kneel in front of a wall with about 4-5 inches of separation from your big toe to the wall. Then, push your knee...

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