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Why Made 2 Move?

Aug 02, 2019

Author: Meg Henderson

Why Made 2 Move?

Let me start by introducing myself for those who don’t know me already! My name is Meg Henderson and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in orthopedics and women’s health, specifically pre- and postnatal women. I have practiced in several outpatient clinics working with a wide variety of patients. Even while in PT school, the one thing that I always loved about physical therapy was the connection that I formed with my patients. Everyone who comes through the door for their first visit has a story. Maybe their story has been told before and no one listened. Perhaps they have anxieties about what they have heard about physical therapy and how it stands for “pain” and “torture”. Maybe they’ve been through trauma or haven’t been able to work due to their injury. Whatever it is, my first job is to listen to their story to better understand why they are in my office in the first place.

Over a span of 9 years in the traditional orthopedic setting, I saw insurance companies dictating which interventions I could provide to my patients even if I, the practitioner, knew they could benefit from alternatives. Patients were being limited to a certain number of allowed visits, based on no known evidence of their condition or actual function. And worst of all, I was seeing upwards of 15 patients in a day, often 2-3 at a time! This lack of one-on-one time is what really got my panties in a bind! Sure, I could get an evaluation done in 45 minutes, but was it thorough and was I actually able to provide meaningful treatment to help them on that very first day!? I wish I could say the answer was YES, but in reality I was flying through the eval, knowing that I probably still had a patient in the gym and one in the waiting room. I. WAS. STRESSED. I prayed for cancellations just to do paperwork. I prayed that my son’s school wouldn’t call AGAIN and I’d have to beg out early leaving my coworkers hanging with my caseload. Don’t get me started on the working mom saga…that’s a whole other blog post!



This is the long, winding story of how I came to where I am today. My good friend and founder of Made 2 Move, Yves Gege, had been listening to me gripe for probably a year before I finally got the nerve to join him. I NEVER thought I would do something like this. I always saw myself as a staff PT—secure, comfortable, happy in my little protected nest working with all of my frequent flier patients, whom I had come to adore. Well, life has a way of sneaking up on you and I jumped out of the nest in October of 2017 coming on board to start Made 2 Move PT of Mount Pleasant.

I needed a way to not only re-energize my passion for physical therapy, but also the rest of my unbalanced working mom life and I knew there was a better way to do it. As a direct pay clinic, I am no longer burdened by the restrictions and reimbursement rates of the insurance companies. I can provide my patients the services I KNOW will help them. I can collaborate with other fitness professionals and providers. I am able to educate, intervene, instruct, progress, and provide hands on care for whatever complaints they may have. And best of all, I can take the time to slow down and really listen. Make the connection. I am a physical therapist because I love helping people. There is nothing better than the feeling I get when a patient achieves a goal, gets rid of their pain, connects with that unused muscle we’ve been trying to find, raises their arm…whatever… that is my reward and that is the why behind Made 2 Move of Mount Pleasant.



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