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Knee Pain & Everything You Need to Know

Jul 08, 2019

If you have knee pain, you have to read this. 

We all have activities we enjoy and that require us to be in good physical health. Whether it’s walking, golfing, biking, running, lifting weights, or something else entirely, having physical pain can hinder us from doing the things we really enjoy. There are certain pains that can be more debilitating than others. Having severe knee pain, for example, can mean that short morning walk from your car can turn into a long, painful one.

What can cause knee pain?

While the cause of knee pain can vary, some of the most common causes are arthritis, runner’s knee, tendonitis, meniscus tears, and sprained ligaments. Without proper treatment, knee pain can continue to cause pain for years, and you deserve better! It’s important to find the right type of help to ensure that your knee heals properly and that you stay pain-free. At Made2Move Physical Therapy, we’ll determine the best methods to alleviate your knee pain.

Our Approach: Specialized Plan of Care

First, we’ll tailor a specialized plan of care just for you. These will include latest cutting edge treatments. We focus, first, on alleviating the acute knee pain so you can start moving and exercising in order to return to your activities.

The Long Term Strategy

Next, we’ll develop an exercise plan based on your specific goals (marathon training, squatting, surfing, golf, weights). Continued use of these exercises will help to alleviate the knee pain as well as prevent it from coming back. It’s normal to experience initial discomfort so it’s important to pace yourself through the recovery process.

Let us help you!

Ready to get rid of that knee pain and get back to business-as-usual? Book an appointment now!


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