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Continue Enjoying Your Rounds

Jul 12, 2019

“As you walk down the fairway of life, smell the roses, you only get one round.” -Ben Hogan

You love the game of golf, I get it.  We love the game of golf too.  You love the game, not only because it’s fun but, because to you, it’s an escape.  It’s a challenge, a long walk through nature, and by all accounts a means of stress relief.  An excuse to spend time alone, or, with your friends. The game of golf allows you to compete with yourself, compete with your friends, and with your driver! The game of golf is mentally tough enough; don’t let injury, tightness, or low-quality movement get in the way. These things are improvable! Don’t play another frustrating round in pain or discomfort! The golf course is a place to conduct business, celebrate achievements, and have fun! Let’s keep it that way!

“The proper score for a businessman golfer is 90. If he is better than that he is neglecting his business. If he’s worse, he’s neglecting his golf.”

-St Andrews Rotary Club Member

A successful round of golf is measured, not by a single score, but rather how enjoyable the round.  My father often reminded me that “there are no bad rounds of golf, just bad scores”.  Two things are sure to affect how enjoyable you view a round of golf.  The first is how well your body held up during the round and the second is how well you hit the ball. Great news! We can help you with both!

It is difficult to enjoy a round of golf if you’re in pain!

Let me start by saying that you should not be in pain before, after or during a round of golf. I understand that it is common for people to feel pain when golfing, however, this is unacceptable and our mission is to rid you of these nagging issues. Pain experienced when golfing often stems from one of the following areas:

  • Weakness in your postural muscles
  • Flexibility/Mobility issues
  • Core weakness

All things that can be improved through the right rehab and exercise program!

Throughout the day we tend to spend a lot of time in positions of poor posture.  This poor posture can lead to poor flexibility and weakness.  This trifecta is sure to affect your game. We want to change that! To reduce your risk of injury and eliminate pain, you need to dedicate time to a proper warm-up routine as well as good exercise program on your off days. This is something that every sport demands and golf is no different. If you want to play golf well into your 90s, jump on the bandwagon and make an appointment today. We offer physical therapy as well as performance training appointments. Whether you need to heal an injury, reduce pain or prevent injury and get on an exercise program. We dedicate an hour of 1 on 1 time just for you. If you need help understanding more of the services we provide call us (843)640-5244.

Swinging pain-free is the first step in hitting the ball well.

The key to hitting the ball well is moving your joints in a pain-free motion and with good control and form. By improving strength, flexibility, and mobility with one of our programs you will not only hit the ball further but more accurately as well.  The fact is, by increasing your strength, you will also feel better in other areas, for instance, having more energy throughout the day and increased stamina during your round. Specifically, we want to increase the strength of your upper body, core, and hips. We all want that good follow through, and improving hip mobility and hip control is the key. Increased strength contributes to greater rotational force as well as increased coordination. By providing the proximal stability you get increased distal mobility! At Made 2 Move Physical Therapy we have a specific strength and conditioning program that is designed specifically for golfers

Contact us today and ask us about the special golfer’s package or make an appointment here to get signed up for an individual session that will address all of your golfing needs.

Our goal is for you to enjoy the game of golf.  We accomplish that task by providing expert care that is specific to your golfing needs and individualized to your specific issues on and off the course. If pain-free golf, a good follow through and a stable stance sounds like something you want…Call us today.

Golf is a sport we were meant to enjoy for our entire lives. Longevity is key. We will provide you with the tools.  Don’t let the pain take you away from the game you love…Make an appointment today so we can help you continue to enjoy your rounds.



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