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15 Reasons Why You, As A CrossFitter, Need Made 2 Move Physical Therapy

Jul 11, 2019
  1. Your Shoulder Range of Motion Sucks – Yeah Butterfly Pull Ups & Muscle Ups are cool, but let’s face it, you can’t lockout overhead without bending your elbow….It’s okay, we can help.
  2. Your Thoracic Mobility is Awful – You look like a flying goose when snatching and overhead squatting because your shoulders are taking over and your thoracic spine is being beaten into submission and failing….It’s okay, we can help.
  3. Your Recovery is Non-Existent – Of course, you don’t have enough time to recover, you’ve WODed twice, drank a FitAide, ate a protein bar, used a compex on your face, and you still feel wrecked….It’s ok we can help.
  4. Your Core is Feeble – Yeah your GHDs are on point and your Toes 2 Bar are flowing but is you core game at 100?…It’s ok we can help. 
  5. You Don’t Understand Your Foam Roller – foam rolling for 20 minutes while snap chatting your penpal in Taiwan is your warmup…its ok we can help
  6. Your Warm-Ups Need to be better – Closing the windows in your car, turning on the seat heater and running the heat for 5 minutes DOES NOT COUNT as your warmup….its ok we can help.  
  7. Your Squat is Mediocre at Best – searching for the perfect squat? We have the perfect formula. It involves unicorns, rainbows, and carebears (don’t know what a carebear is…means I’m getting old)…its ok we can help
  8. You Have a Desk Job – for every minute you spend sitting your brain loses 100 brain cells and gains are lost…its ok we can help.
  9. Your Posture Sucks – you look like a hunch-back mixed with a beluga whale…its ok we can help. 
  10. Your Doctor Told You to Stop Crossfit – Listen to your doctor! Stop moving your body completely, never pick up anything heavier than 1/20th of the weight of your R arm, also deadlifts will make your back explode…it’s ok we can help.
  11. You Have Asymmetries – one arm is bigger than the other and you literally walk in circles 24/7…its ok we can help.
  12. Your Mobility Sucks – you used 4 bands on each extremity connected and did ROMWOD for 14 hours straight one time but still can’t touch your toes…its ok we can help. 
  13. Your Gear Provides More Support Than Your Muscles – getting a 1# PR by wearing a belt, sunglasses, cowboy boot lifters, full body spandex, titanium knee sleeves counts as a PR so shut up….it’s ok we can help.
  14. Your Knees Ache – you hurt your knees trying triple unders with your new 40 lb rogue rope…its ok we can help. 
  15. Rest Days are the Best Days – what’s a rest day?…it’s ok we can help. 

In all seriousness, Made 2 Move wants to help you perform your best and get you into the positions to excel at your sport. No referral needed come get rehab tools, performance tips, and hands on training from a health professional who are athletes themselves and won’t arbitrarily tell you to stop working out.



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