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Made 2 Move believes everyone should have informed access to quality, affordable healthcare, which is why our multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy is patient focused.

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Made 2 Move is a direct pay clinic. We are on a mission to provide the best possible care by treating each patient individually not like a code, dollar amount or diagnosis. Free from the throws of the insurance company, we now have the ability to use the tools to provide you with the medical treatment you deserve! AND not only can we rehabilitate your injuries with these amazing tools but we can provide preventative care, work on improving overall health, and get you stronger, faster, more mobile, and performing your best. We provide a unique blend of health and fitness inside a medical model. We provide healthcare not sickcare and view it from a lens of improving quality of life so you can perform better in every aspect of your life. Our model has not only the possibility of providing a better service, but in the end can be cheaper as well!

Operating Within Our Insurance Based Reactionary, System

How Our Current Healthcare System Operates

Imagine you’re moving some items around the house. They’re heavy but you’ve been able to handle this before. But of course, lucky you, the inevitable happens and as you stabilize yourself from a near fall down a few steps, you strain your back. It’s pretty painful and uncomfortable. After trying to wait it out for a week or two you realize you need more than just ibuprofen and some rest.

So, what happens next? Like most people, you’ll probably contact your primary care physician to schedule an appointment which can take weeks. Then at your 5 minute appointment you’re most likely going to be assessed too quickly and be prescribed medication and muscle relaxers.

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Does this process sound familiar?

This is a very antiquated way to look at healthcare but it is a byproduct of a system that doesn’t address the primary issue to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again.

Instead, it is expensive, time consuming and relies on medical gatekeepers that often deter you from getting the right type of care you need.

Don’t you deserve to have someone look into this further? You know you need to get stronger and more mobile….Don’t you deserve this information sooner rather than later? You want to get back to doing all the activities you were doing before, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be!

Made 2 Move offers integrative solutions to address health and fitness issues head on. We aim to eliminate barriers and common challenges of physical therapy with affordable, multidisciplinary care.




1. the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services.

Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary

With our healthcare system being a hot topic of interest today, let’s take a moment to address the difference between Healthcare and Health Insurance.

Healthcare is the practice of preventing, maintaining, and improving one’s health.
Healthcare Insurance is a form of insurance coverage for certain incurred medical expenses. It is a true fiscal medium with the purpose of protecting the loss of your assets due to costly medical care.
Health insurance companies are not in the business of providing healthcare.
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Are there benefits to health insurance?

Indeed there are benefits, and health insurance is ideal for costly procedures, significant health issues, major surgeries, and dire circumstances.

How does health insurance apply to more commonly treated ailments?

For less severe ailments that require medical attention like a pulled muscle, strained back or many other orthopedic conditions, most people have to meet their high deductible until it is fully covered. Health insurance helps negotiate rates but for many, it is an out of pocket expense.

We Take a Multidisciplinary Approach To Health & Wellness

by combining physical therapy, strength and conditioning, mindfulness and healthy living tactics.

Why do we approach health this way? Because people want and need quality care that is cost transparent where the treatment is dictated by the health care practitioner and you…NOT the insurance company.

Access to personalized quality care is important to us and in order to provide the most direct and cost effective access, we eliminate the middleman (insurance companies) and work directly with our patients through a direct pay model.

This doesn’t mean your care has to be more expensive. It can actually save you time and money in the long run. We have a straightforward, hassle-free process to help you feeling your best mentally and physically.


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Physical Therapy & Preventative Care

Physical Therapy:
1 hour, 1 on 1 session $165

Physical Therapy Follow-Up:
30 minute, 1 on 1 session $85

Physical Fitness, CrossFit & Sport Specific Training

Single Person Sessions:
$115 for 1 hour session

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By offering “direct pay” services, our patients receive affordable physical therapy, get direct one on one attention and receive care that improves health and fitness and could possibly prevents issues even occurring.

So, do you take health insurance at all?

We do not accept health insurance at Made 2 Move, however, we do provide reimbursement forms for those that have health insurance coverage that will help pay for the service.